Windows client to manage an X Server?

I work for a school district with all Windows servers (2000 & 2003). We recently got an X Server and I have no idea how to even connect to the damn thing! I'm not even remotely familiar with Mac products and this is the only Mac we have in the entire district other than some ancient models that are not on the network. My boss is a sucker for a leggy salesperson, so now we're stuck with this server whether we need it or not. I'm sure it's a great product, but  I'm strictly a Windows guy so it's not very useful to me. Anyway, I had it preconfigured as an FTP server and we currently use it to store PC images. The problem I have is I can't even figure out how to even look at the thing. I don't have a specific need, I just want to check the available storage situation and maybe poke around a bit to see what I can learn to expand my knowledge a bit. Is there some type of Windows client available to connect to, and possible manage, an X Server? Thanks in advance.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then I think youre out of luck. The xServe management tools are OS X only, and are custom built to be able to monitor all the extra features etc of the xServe.
Not really other than the command line. It's not rocket science to throw a monitor and keyboard on it though.
bda72Author Commented:
Thanks for the response. I look at the ftp site now through a cmd prompt to see the used space, but I'm not sure how I would check available space this way. And even though I'm not a rocket scientist, I did manage to to attach a monitor and keyboard to the server. But this is not a good permanant solution. There's no space in my rack for the monitor and I don't have room on my KVM to add the server. And since I only use the server for FTP (it pretty much manages itself) it wouldn't be worth spending extra money to extend my KVM.
bda72Author Commented:
OK weed, thanks for your input. I kind of thought this might be the case.
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