win 32 error code returned by the print procesor 259(0x103).

Hy!I have a problem with my bjc 240  printer.I have win 2000 instaled and my printer work fine untill next week.I thaught it was a problem with my cartridge becouse the light blink green,i replace cartridge with a new one and the problem seems to be fine with him. I complete all the self tests and working(nozzle,status information),but when i send a document to printer takes to long and after the size of the document is stabilished the document disapear and printer wont print.I check EVENT PROPRETIES and i find this error:win 32 error code returned by the print procesor 259(0x103).What is it and what can i do? Please help me!Thank you!
I reinstall driver 10 times or maybe more.Diferent drivers from many sites: canon,driver downloads etc.nothing solve my problem!thank you.
I post this question on 12 forums and no solution.thank you again.
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Remove ALL drivers from the system for that printer, and any other printer on the SAME LPT port.  Make sure printer is NOT cabled to computer.

Set W2000 to where it thinks there is NO printer at all.  Even check registry, remove ALL references to drivers for Canon BJC.  Now remove the parallel port in Hardware Device manager.

Reboot and catch the BIOS start up with the Delete key.  When you are in the BIOS setup, set your LPT port to either SPP or EPP -- do NOT leave it at ECP (the default on new motherboards).

Make sure BIOS is set to NOT PNP operating system.  Save bios settings.  Reboot, run Win 2K, and go into device manager, see if a parallel port is present.  If not, force it to find one, or manually install one for LPT1.  

Reboot, now if the port shows as LPT1, reconnect the printer and turn it on.  If W2K does not detect the printer, manually install the BJC 240 from the WINDOWS printer list only, not any other drivers (note, if you did NOT remove all the old drivers prior to this stage, you will be no further ahead).

Once you have a CLEAN LPT1 setup with no printers other than the BJC attached, and no legacy drivers in the windows/system32 directory or in the registry, and if you use W2K drivers only for the BJC 240 it WILL WORK.  If you are sure you've done all this and it still doesn't work, the printer is probably defective.  Get a new one on Ebay for $35 !!!!!
try this first reset the cartridge detection

Problems with Cartridge Detection / Slow Printing With BC-02 Cartridge

When using the BC-02 cartridge, printing is very slow. Cartridge detection (or Status Self Test Page) indicates that the cartridge is either BC-05 (Colour) or BC-06 (Photo). To solve this and other problems with cartridge detection,

Power off the printer
Unplug the printer's power cord, wait 5 seconds then replug the power cord in.
Hold the Power button for 7 Beeps
Release the Power Button
This will reset the printer and should resolve incorrect cartridge detection problems.

Try to print if error still continues then continue on....

Download an updated driver for your printer from canon's website at the link below and save it to your desktop.§ion=10273&pname=BJC-240&item=7953

Next download this utility from here
and save it to the C:\WINNT\system32  folder (it will help you disable startup items which you will need to do to successfully uninstall and reinstall this printer)...
Once this application is installed then go to start run type msconfig then hit enter
go to the startup tab write down everything that is checked or unchecked (whichever is easier) on a piece of paper then uncheck everything. apply/ ok then reboot

You will want to stop the spooler service on the computer prior to removing the driver this can be done by Opening the services control panel (start -> settings -> control panel -> administrative tools -> services). Right click on the Print Spooler service and select stop

here is the url for a visual of this

Next Uninstall your printer by selecting Start/Programs/Canon "BJC-xxxx or Sxxx" (xxxx = Printer model number), select Uninstall.
At the 'Confirm File Deletion' dialog, select Yes.
At the 'Installation Complete' dialog, select OK.
Disconnect the printer from your computer.

IF the above option is not available then try start > settings > control panel > add/remove programs and see if canon is listed there. IF so select it and select uninstall.

If this does not exist either then go to start settings printers right click on the printer and select delete.

Once you have followed one of the uninstall methods or deleted the printer driver go to this link;en-us;135406 and follow the directions exactly.
IMPORTANT: you will want to make a backup of your registry prior to doing the above. (to backup the registry once in regedit go to file Select EXPORT then make sure all is selected then name if regbackup and save it to the desktop) this is in case anything goes wrong with editing the registry you can import this file back in to undo the changes.

Once you have completed all of this reboot the system again.

And then install the printer by doing the following

Be sure the PRINTER IS POWERED OFF and then connect the USB or Parallel cable to the printer and computer. For the BJC-1000, BJC-2100, S300 & S600 do not connect power to the printer.
Power ON your computer and log on as Administrator.
Download your Windows XP Driver from the Canon Website to your computer desktop or wherever you save downloaded files.
Double-click to launch xxxxWin2KXPv150.exe (xxxx=Printer Name) from where you saved the driver file.
At the 'Canon - Information: All items were successfully extracted' dialog, select OK.
At the 'Welcome' dialog, select Next.
At the 'License Agreement' dialog, read the license agreement, select Yes.
If you see the screen 'Hardware Installation ­ The software you are installing for this hardware - Printers - has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP' during your installation, select Continue anyway. (This dialog may appear twice.)
When the 'Printer port' dialog appears, POWER ON YOUR PRINTER.
For USB only. If the printer was not detected, disconnect the USB cable from the printer, wait a moment, then reconnect the USB cable to the printer. Drivers will install (This is known as "Hot-Plugging" which will not harm your printer or computer.)
At the 'Installation Complete' dialog, select Finish.

Now go back into msconfig and recheck everything that you unchecked. hit apply, ok and reboot test the printer and see what happens let me know.
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thank you but no one result solve my problem.the only solution is to buy a new printer.anyway thank you very much for your help.
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