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Second Exchange Server placed at a Remote Site

I need to install a second Exchange server at a remote location.  It will be going into the same domain/forest and the site already has a GC/DC in place.  The site is connected to via a frame T1 and it also has it's own connection to the internet via a T1.  

The layout is as follows:
Site 1 (Existing Install)
1 root domain/forest with no child domains  (xyz.dom for argument sake)
GC/FSMO/DC  (xyz.dom)
Exchange 2k SP3 on Win2k SP3 member server  (corp exch group) (xyz.dom)
6 hosted email domains with 400 users  (xyz.dom, 1.dom, 2.dom, etc)
Internet connection via T1
MX records pointed to the Exchange box (Brightmail in the middle)

Site 2 (New Install)
part of xyz.dom
GC/DC on-site
need to install Exchange 2k SP3 on Win2k SP3 member server  (corp exch group) (xyz.dom)
5 hosted email domains with 300 users  (abc.dom, qaz.dom, wsx.dom, etc)
Internet connection via T1
MX records pointed to the Exchange box (Brightmail in the middle)

Site 1 and Site 2 are connected via a frame T1 that is highly reliable.

I know I wouldn't need to extend the schema, do forest/domain prep, etc.  However, I'm unsure of the rest.

I assume I setup the Win2k server, drop in the Exchange 2000 CD, install the Exch2k server, then what?   Bridgehead servers?  Install in a seperate Administrative Group???    

I need to ensure that the Exchange boxes send/receive traffic out of their respective gateways and yet talk to one another via the frame.  

Finally, all users are in the xyz.dom AD.

Thanks in advance.  (Please spare the generic "See Technet or MSExchange" answers....I've been there already)

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1 Solution
please we are not that kinda people.we never use technet or MSexchange answers
for our good customers that offer 500 points.so here goes my best answer
u have one AD domain for two sites.
both sites are connected to each other and also have connection to internet.
u want to have one exchange in each site that will be responsible for
multiple email domain.
u want internal emails not to get to internet but use ur site to site connection
and any email for non domain users use ur internet connectins in each site.

ur first assumption is correct u dont need forest prep or domain prep.
u instal second exchange in the same exchange organization as the first one.
u put each server in a diff routing group(this is good if u want to restrict
public folder refferals)
in each exchange u create two connectors with cost 1 and cost 2
(remeber lower cost connectors are utilized first)
in ur first site u create a connector with a cost 1 that will allow mail for domains
that are hosted in ur second exchange server(use smart host and put the ip address of ur second exchange server there)
u create a second connector with cost 2 for all domains(use smart host and put ur
isp's mail servers ip address there)

now go to ur second exchange and do exactlly like what i suggested for the first
server but make sure to change domain that are allowed to be relayed and
ips's ip address if diffrent form ur first exchange server.
if u have any more questions do call back.
mufunkAuthor Commented:
So, basically you are saying:

Simply install the Exchange Server into the existing Administrative Group
Setup 2 routing groups
Create an SMTP connector for the WAN on both boxes
Create an SMTP connector for the ISP connection on the new box
Set MX records for the server where the users mailstore exists...  (xyz.dom to Server1)  (abc.dom to Server2)

I run a split DNS, so mail outside will enter into the correct pipe based on MX records and basically inside MX records would need to be setup to mirror external DNS settings; except using internal IP addresses...Correct?  Since the domains are added under Recipient Policies under the adminitrative site group, I just add the additional domains there and do I need to do anything else?????

The fine details are what's killing me..  I was pretty square on what you provided, but still needed to ensure someone else said the same thing..  ;-)

mufunkAuthor Commented:
The answer wasn't correct.  A forced accept is, well, crap.  
Now that the project is complete, I know that the halfbaked answer I received didn't do a DAMN thing for me.  
hey wait a minute mufunk.U did not expect me to come over and do all the cofiguration for u.U had a simple second exchange install within the same
AD and exchange organization.All u had to do is to run the CD and say yes i want
to join the existing exchange organization.The only diff in ur setup was that u wanted each server to have a direct connection to internet and a connection to
each other for local deliveries.Ur public MX records(the ones that does matter }
would have been  set up by ur isp and pointed to the correct location and mails for
diffrent domains that u were suppose to host would be routed to appropriate location based on those MX records.
I am not gonna go over ur setup again but i want u to know that we are here to
help u achieve ur goals not to do it for u.I want u to also know that this point system is just points and i get no finacial benefits from my partecipation in this
site and i do it just for my personal satisfaction wanting to help others.It is up to u
to figure out which suggestions will be good for the successfull resloution of ur problem.I did not give u half backed answer and take offence to hear it from someone who is incharge of a large exchange organization and does not know how to install a second exchange server .I will be glad if moderator will take back
these points so u can put it to good use.Thank u and good luck.
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