can i change a namespace "name"?

Hi all-

I am starting to pick up  I downloaded Ibuyspy Store ... a free open source storefront.  I tried everything out and like what I see.  I want to use it "Store" for commercial purposes.  The documentation/ user agreement says that ... If I were to use the Storefront commercially that I need to get rid of everything that mentions IBuySpy.  

Here lies my problem.  I can change everything to what I want but I can not change the "namespace".  The namespace is inside the "Store.dll".  I have tried and can change the .dll to AnotherName.dll.  But can't change the namespace.  Almost everypage refers to the IBuySpy namespace.  

Please if you can go to .  Download the IBuySpy VS SDK , in there lies all the files I have mentioned.

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SteveGTRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I downloaded the IBuySpy store and opened it in Visual Studio.NET and performed the following steps:

1) Select Edit --> Find and Replace --> Replace

2) Set Find what to IBuySpy

3) Set Replace with to MyNameSpace

4) Click on the Current project in the Search group

5) Click Replace All

6) Confirm big warning

7) Right-click on the Project in the Server Explorer

8) Select Properties

9) Change Common Properties --> General --> Default Namespace to MyNameSpace and click OK

Ran the project and it worked fine.

a8leAuthor Commented:
Thnx Steve- Let me try the instructions -a8le
Go to Project Properties ->Common Properties
                   change the Assembly name and click apply and ok

Then buid ur project u will get a dll with the Store Name.
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a8leAuthor Commented:
Steve, the references dissapear (or actually become gray)... Does that matter? Oh- concrats- for getting to third place and almost getting to 2nd in the Hall of Fame list.
Thanks :)

I didn't notice if the references became grey on my project at home. It compiled and ran perfectly so I suppose it didn't matter.
I looked at the project and all the reference icons were grey, but I believe thats the original color. Does your project with the new namespace run?
a8leAuthor Commented:
Oh- the references were not that color but thnx anyhow steve it does work... there are no problems right now...  but I will come back to this post if i get any questions regarding this okay? oh- i gave you the points. <|:)
Sure :)
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