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My wife and I recently purchased a Sony RS520 Desktop computer (April 2004). It came pre-installed with Windows XP home edition version 2002 SP1.

The problem we are having is that we install Prinshop Deluxe Ensemble II software. The installation goes fine and completes. The problem arises when we try to run the program it gives the following error:
 "PSDeluxe caused General Protection Fault in module USER.EXE at 0001:67AC choose close PSDluxe will close"

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I removed all instances of PSDeluxe in the windows registry. I tried installing the software in safe mode. I tried to run software using different windows compatibility mode settings, nothing seems to work.

I also own a Toshiba Laptop Pentium 4 Satellite running Windows XP home version 2002 SP1. I installed the Print Shop software on it and the program runs fine.

I viewed both the user.exe file on the Sony and also on the Toshiba. Both files are identical in size 47,872KB. The Sony file is dated 3/31/2003. The Toshiba file is dated 8/18/2001.

Both computers have all of Microsoft's critical updates installed up to April 30, 2004.

I ran SFC /scannow utility on the Sony to see if any system files were incorrect.

Any suggestions to provide a resolve to our problem, owuld be sincerely appreciated.

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After researching this problem for you, it could be 1 of 3 possibilities.

1. - Not fully compatible with XP, - TRY:  right click the program icon(not shortcut), click on compatibility and set to run in win98 compatibility mode.
2. - You  have too many fonts installed on your pc, (this is noit generally associatd with XP but worth a try)(make a backup of any fonts before you delete any)
3. - You may have the XP default drivers for your video card installed, this can cause problems, try installing the Manufacturers drivers.  If you dont have them on CD try or the manufacturers website.
Or post here and we will find them for you.
Firstly try stopping any other programs from runnig before starting the program. e.g Antivirus etc
ctrl-alt-del > end task If your not shure post the list of running applications on here.

I have also found this problem to occur when there is faulty RAM in the pc.

kawedAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment. I did try shutting down all the running activities. Did not solve problem.
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kawedAuthor Commented:
Supplimental information.

Both computers in this topic are using AVG6 anti-virus software which have been updated with the most recent signature files. I also ran a complete sytem scan on the Sony and found no viruses.

I run ad-aware6 on both computers and have updated the signature file and run a scan for any spyware. I use spybot search and destroy on both computers. Ran a scan and found no new instances of spyware.

Any suggestions or assistance to solve this problem would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks, kawed
Download BurninTestPro from the link below (free for 30 days)

Then run the tests to see if there are any memory errors reported.
kawedAuthor Commented:
Downloaded & installed Burnin TestPro. Ran the test, twice, no errors reported.

Any suggestions to solve the problem would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks, kawed
kawedAuthor Commented:
1/. Tried utilizing different compatibility settings but that didn't prevent the error from occuring.

2/. Visited ATI website and downlaoded the latest catylyst driver for the Radeaon 9200 card. Installed it and rebooted computer. Tried to run Print Shop. Same errror occured.

3/. Compared the font folder list with laptop and desktop. The desktop had over 900 fonts installed. Compared each font file and removed all of the unessary fonts from the Sony trimming it down to 402. Reinstalled PrintShop Deluxe. VIOLA!!!! It worked. Print Shop now runs with no problems.

Thansk so much Moncapitaan. Your help and assistance has been very insiteful.


No problem, Thanks for the points!
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