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How to install ReactOs over LILO?

I have two operating systems coexisting on my 800 Mhz computer:

Windows 98 and Linux.
Both starting up using LILO menu.

I have two drives with partitions:

  c:  2.5Gig   - Fat32, Windows 98 boot partition.
      300 Meg - Linux boot partition
        60 Meg - Linux Swap
  d:  primary DOS, Fat32 17Gig
       ext DOS, 2Gig

Can I install ReactOS (perhaps on d: primary) and
      makie it coexisting with my current OSes.
How to do this?

The reason I am looking for ReactOS, that I am tired from slowness of
Win98 interface and keyboard. Win 98 often makes little pauses when starting up
Win Explorer and other interfaces and this all adds up a huge amount  of lost time
"drop by drop". I primarily use Win98 for Visual Basic development and
for Internet Explorer.

(This seems amazing that despite enormous computer progress in speed
from 100 Mhz - 800Mhz, Windows is still slow and seems not take advantage of it.)

Thank you.

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1 Solution
First off you are aware that ReactOS isn't a replacement OS for Win98 but for NT. There is quite a difference between NT and Win98 so what ever advantage you think you might get may not be what you think.

Secondly what exactly is the problem you are having with Win98? Perhaps these problems can be rectify.
beaverstoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you for answer CrazyOne.

My impression it that Windows is overloaded by programs and system dll's which
sacrify productivity to benefit new technologies and methods which are
"little" beyond of the date. For example, I've heard that VB4 is much slower
than VB3, and Win 3.1 is much faster than Win95.
(I am under impression heard that MS did this
to simplify development of VBScript technology.)

The second, is that Windows runs a lot of dlls which are not really necessary, and
thus are parasites. Its enouth to see by opening Task Manager, or
Process Viewer Application: some of them:

I expect that independent OS will take more thoughtful approach to do not run
redundant stuff.

I cannot remember all the problems at the moment but, most annoying are:

1. Window Exprorer is sticks when putting large data into Recicle bin, and removed from
    Recicle bin. Houglass cursor appeares and GUI does not refresh. This cleares up
    after minute or two.
   This does not do it in Windows 95.
   This became a habit for me, to do not delete files up to the
    end of working day, and cut and paste them into mytemp. folder. At the end of the
    day, when I can don't have to sit at the computer, I delete the mytemp folder.

2.  keyboard time interval then pressing and holding arow key is big:
    in other words Widnows do not let setup high character repeat rate:
    this resulst in slow hirizontal text cursor movement    

3. Internet Explorer load is slow: about 5-10 seconds.

My impression is that Wine is more mature than ReactOS, but I just started
to look around Windows Emulators.

Thank you.
What are your machine specs like how much RAM do you have and what is the CPU speed. What is the Hard disk cache capablities and and RPM. There a lot of things the affect performance. No doubt windows OS'es have some issues but a few of what you listed are myths.
Well, the problem with ReactOS is that it has WAY too little.

I think it is an excellent project, but it is in PRE-ALPHA. That means that it cannot run any Windows applications, except maybe simple word processing. Therefore, you won't be able to run Visual Basic.

If you do not want to use Windows, you can try Wine(www.WineHQ.com) running on Linux.

Also, if you have 128 or better 256 MB of RAM, you computer can definitely handle Windows 2000, which is much more optimized and bug-free.  
beaverstoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much  CrazyOne and kefka_palazzo.

I see now that my question is premature and not well stated.
Sorry, I have to stop the discussion.
I give my points to the answer which seems more mature:

"try Wine(www.WineHQ.com) running on Linux."


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