Ever heard of a game that runs on Cisco IOS???

It's a bit of a stupid thing to do but does anyone know of a simple game that can be loaded into the Flash of a cisco router and played from the router prompt?

I bet my friend that someone must have done such a thing.
If anyone could let me know where aI can download such an image, I would be greatful.

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I'm curious as to your logic in why you think that this has been done...
To my knowledge it has never been done, but then my studies and use have been limited to real functions of the IOS. But, knowing how it works, it seems very unlikely.

I don't know if this meets your bet, but you can load Linux (www.uclinux.org) on a 2500 router.  Then run any linux console game that has been recompiled and fits into memory.
cakesterAuthor Commented:


I was thinking along the lines of the setup program that has a kind of yes/no menu system. Also, the CTRL-P and the ? do something without the need to press enter so I guess it would be possible to play Space Invaders on there.



can you have uclinux and the IOS running at the same time on a 2500?

No, uclinux would replacement Cisco IOS.  You would boot one or the other.
cakesterAuthor Commented:

that sounds fine,

Thanks for all who commented.

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