Error while executing a function in Debug mode using TOAD


I have written a simple Oracle function. I want to execute this oracle function in debug mode in TOAD. I set the input value to the function using the set parameter dialog box. Now when i execute this function in debug mode i get the following error in a  message box

Probe: Timeout Error.

When i click ok , the Toad application hangs.

Something about the function.
Input value: Date
Return value : Date
It is a function that accepts input parameter any date and returns the friday of the earlier week of the input date.

Please help ASAP

email me at :

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I was not able to recreate your error.

Here is the code that I tested through Toad and Oracle 9i

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION f_lastfriday(i_dt in date) RETURN date IS
tmpVar date;
   for i in 1 .. 7
   if trim(to_char(i_dt - i,'DAY'))='FRIDAY'
   then tmpVar := i_dt - i;
   end if;
   end loop;
   RETURN tmpVar;
       -- Consider logging the error and then re-raise
END f_lastfriday;

does it runs in sql plus?

select last_friday(to_date('02/05/2004','DD/MM/YYYY')) from dual;

Kill your all sessions in DBA module of TOAD and try it again.

Go to View->Options-> Debugging

Increase the "seconds" in Debug Session timeout and check

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