Google Home Page keeps changing from "" to a local area, i.e. Google Pilipinas or Google Australia?

What's going on with Google these days? I travel Internationally and I used a plain "" for such a long time, whereever I was. Now it seems, I'm being forced to accept "Google Pilipinas",( or "Google Australia",( I've searched various questions and answers about browser hijackings but I don't think this is a hijacking.... Just something Google is trying to push over on us. I have changed my home page back to plain but it always sets itself back to the local Google, and in the local language! And even when I choose the "Google supplied option" of ENGLISH, it sometimes doesn't change. Needless to say, this is a major pain in the *SS! Is there a way for me to take back control of MY PREFERENCES to stop getting these "Local Area Googles" and get back to a plain ""?
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crackyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A way to get around this is to type into your address bar. This then forces Google to us .com when you type your search.

There has been much discussion as to Google's efforts to limit and control content in this manner. This brings rise to interesting censorship issues. An article worth a read on this subject:
GC747Author Commented:
Yes OK,Cracky... I just took a few minutes to read the article on the web page you supplied... very interesting.

I am seriously considering using Yahoo's new search engine now, instead of Google's.

Who owns Google and where is their main home office located?
Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Corporate info:

Also note that on your regional home page, there is also a clear link at the bottom right to go back to

If you go to you will see a link saying "Go to" at the bottom right, so it's not really that hidden. Same for

I'd say the reason for localizing search pages is more driven by advertising localization than by insidous content filtering, although it certainly takes place and its use is dubious though not illegal. Google can do what they like with their search results, but risk losing credibility if they filter too much (look what happened to a lot of other search engines when they advertised too much).
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Use this link:

If you let is save cookies it will also save this for the future so typing will work.

If you go to the foreign homepage you will see " in English" which links to the page I described above.
P.S. This is not a ISP/Browser Hijack issue.

This is Google's server trying to be clever.

In most cases I suppose it is the right thing to do - after all why would most people in Argentina (where I currently am) want to get in English ?

I know they could use to get the Spanish version, the same as UK people can use to get a English UK version.  But google is trying to make the brand universal.

So googles server determines where in the world you are (by your ISP address) and goes to that countres google.

But on all pages wether in Spanish, Italian or Chinese you will see the text " in English" near the bottom as long as you got there by typing

As a side note if I go to (to set as US English) it tells me at the bottom "Go to Google Argentina"
whats wrong with going to the local google page?
the only thing that bothers me is that you are almost forced to go to the local, except for the link to Yahoo has a new search engine?since when?
GC747, has your question been answered?
GC747Author Commented:
Hello everyone. My apologies for not getting back to this topic and finalizing but my computer gave up the ghost while I was on line. The hard drive crashed so I have been down repairing things and upgrading my PC.
GC747Author Commented:
Ok Cracky, My question has been answered. Thanks for the input. My apologies for not getting back to this topic and finalizing sooner, but my computer gave up the ghost while I was on line. The hard drive crashed so I have been down repairing things and upgrading my PC.

Hello JimBsAs, I've read your answers as well and I issued your points at the other location that I posted this same question. Thank you for your input also.
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