Need help loading scriplets in Jasper report

I'm running Jasper reports and all well.
Now I need to insert in addition to a regular fields from a query, fields that will do some manipulation with the other fields. for that I need to use the scriptlets.
I have looked at the demo and examples and read the tutorial but nothing on where to put the scriptlet class or where is the ClassPath of the report?
Please advise as much as you can on scriptlets.
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YossiBaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.
I have seen the demo's and couldn't understand quite well the relevence with the guys error to my problem.
I think mine is very basic.
When I'm trying to compile a simple jasper report  that includes  scriptletClass="Scriptlet" as one of the attributes i get a classnotfound error. The report was compiled without this attribute. I put the Scriptlet.class from the samples in the directory the .jasper file is located.
Why doesn't it copiles?
Where should I put the scriptlet.class?
Should there be a classPath to the jasper report?
Where should the scriptlet class path be mensioned for compilation.
YossiBaAuthor Commented:
Another remark:
According to JasperReport Manual guid under Scriptlet section, it is said that "The complete name of this scriptlet class (including the package) has to be specified in the scriptletClass attribute of the <jasperReport> element and has to be available in the classpath, at report filling time..........."
Where is that class path?
What classpath? shouldn't I put the location of the class as the attribute?

please advise
>What classpath?
  classpath is a set of location, where the java will search for the required classes for it's execution. eg: String, is java.lang.String, this class is placed in a jar, which should be placed in a CLASSPATH.....
You'll need to set the class path for the internal compilation. The class path that you use in any build files doesn't apply automatically. Look under compilation in "quick how to". You'll need to set the "jasper.reports.compile.class.path" system property.
YossiBaAuthor Commented:
Great, I'll work on it.
Thanks mate
happy programming :-)
YossiBaAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.

Last  small Q if I may:
I have the following fields:

field1   field2
111     222
100     200

I need to create a third field that will do some manipulation  on the 2 first fields (say adding).

I want to create a function in the scriptlet class that will do the work.

Where do I put this function in the scriptlet so that the final report will be:

field1  field2  field3
111    222     333
100    200    300

I tried to set a variable with the result in afterDetailEval() but got null.

If want points I will be gladly give you.
how u use the tags for generating field1   field2
YossiBaAuthor Commented:
I managed.
Thanks a lot mate for the help  : )
cool.... :-)
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