CD-RW Problems - Cannot Burn - Liteon 32123S

Hi Guys,
I'm having a weird issue with a CD-RW Drive (Liteon 32123S). I have had it working properly in the past, but for some reason it won't work now - but I have just recently re-installed WinXP Professional. My automatic response was consequently related to the drivers for the CDRW drive - but to no avail. Apparently the drive uses the default Windows drivers (according to Does anyone know if this is correct?

So right now, no matter what burning software I use, it cannot burn (software always hangs), and I've also found out that it cannot recognise other CDs placed in the drive. The jumpers are set to master, and no other drives are installed. The drive is also on its own IDE strap.

If anyone could suggest a possible solution to this infuriating issue, I'd be deeply grateful.

Thanks in advance. Hopefully a few easy points here.
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redking44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi rodelliott, thanks for update.

That behaviour in the other machine is fairly typical of a dead drive which can be seen but is not functioning. When you eject the CD, the explorer window will unfreeze (if you can eject, that is). There is now no need to try to boot from it - you've already used the other PC to prove it's dead, and also put the cable and IDE interface on the motherboard beyond suspicion (and yes those do fail - I had a K7S5A where the secondadry IDE went screwy)

and a new drive - Phill upson is right about current prices. You can often find a CDRW for $10-$30 after rebate, and a DVDRW for about $80. Even if you do not trust rebates they're cheap. And you'll find  a current 48x recorder (52x if you want to pay the litle extra) will leave your 32x in the dust. Oh..  if you do go for a DVDRW, they often are slow with CDRW. That may matter to you if you soetimes do large batches of CDs
SnowguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at the properties in the device manager secondary ide controller or the controller the CDRW is on.
On the advanced tab list what the transfer mode for the drive is set to . i.e. DMA or PIO
If it is set to DMA try PIO
If set to PIO try DMA
Also check your burning software manufacturers websites for updates to your software.  CDRW drives are interpreted automatically by windows but have to burning ability, the software you use to burn has its own drivers, if these are incorrect, that could cause them to hang.

Good luck

As said above btw, DMA is best for performance, when it hangs, can you get into task manager? I'd be interested to see what your CPU usage is at?
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if all software and os soultions fail , a good way of finding out  if your drives is failing , is by installing
on another pc , and test a burn.

CDRW drives fail.  I've toasted about 5 in  the last 2 years. It's suspicious that it seems to have failed just as you reinstalled windows,  but there is a simple test to see oif tyhe mobo and CDRW are talking. Can you boot off that drive?

If so - there my be some screwy software thing, if not you've nailed it. Dead drive, dead cable or dead IDE interface on the mobo. . OK, narrowed it down.

Actually, even if you can boot off it, you may still have hardware problems - with DMA transfers, speed of operation

but my first guess is the drive popped its clogs and is only interested in gathering dust
rodelliottAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys,
Just thought I'd give you an update on this issue. At the moment, I'm of the opinion that the drive is dead. I installed it into another computer, and whilst the drive *is* detected by both WinXP Pro and the BIOS, trying to run a CD in the drive is useless.

It can't seem to read anything I put in the actual drive. When you double click on the drive (containing a CD) - a Windows Explorer window opens, but appears blank - no files shown (and yes, I'm using a reliable CD).

Has anyone seen this before?
I have checked the Liteon sites - but there is no new software that I don't have.

Redking44: Not sure if I can boot off it yet - will check before getting back.

Thanks guys. If no one else can solve this I'll just split the points. But the full amount is still available for the right answer.
Yes this dose happen mechanical things do were out.

Short of using an optical drive cleaning disk(cd with a little brush on it) to remove the dust off of the leans.
I have used these with succes.
I would say the drive is most likely dead.
Phill_upsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
cost of a new burner is that cheap these days why not treat yourself?  Here in the UK DVD+-RW/CDRW combo drives are down to about £70 ($135 roughly).  Why say no at that price?
rodelliottAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys,
Looks like I'll have to pick up another burner.
Thanks for all the input - I've subsequently split the points evenly.

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