How to left trim a session variable in a drop down list

Below is an exceprt of a drop down list in a form that is validated on the server side.  If there is an error in any of the for items on the page and the user has already selected a color it will display the name of the color they already selected in the form field.  However, instead of displaying, for example "01-Blue" -- which would be confusing to the user, I want to display "Blue."  In addition I really only want to pass "01" to the database.  How do I do left("CreateColor",2) trim on the session variable.  I know there must be some easy self-evident way to do this.  Note I originally had only the alpha values in the values in the options, but then it only returned those, and, because I have several long drop downs in this form, I figured it would be easier to just trim the things.
If Session("CreateColor") <> "" Then
                  response.write "<select name=""CreateColor"" size=""1"" class=""mono"">"
                  response.write "<option value="""
                  response.write Session("CreateColor")
                  response.write """ selected>"
                  response.write Session("CreateColor")
                  response.write "</option>"
                        "<option value=""01-Blue"">Blue</option>" & _
                        "<option value=""02-Red"">Red</option>" & _
                        "<option value=""03-Green"">Green</option>" & _
                        "<option value=""04-Pink"">Pink</option>" & _
                        "<option value=""99-Other"">Other </option></select>"                
%> .....
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Lord_McFlyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Session("CreateColor") = "01-Blue"

Response.Write Right(Session("CreateColor"),Len(Session("CreateColor")) - InStrRev(Session("CreateColor"),"-"))   <----- will return Blue

...will return the colour regardless of length...

Response.Write Response.Write Left(Session("CreateColor"),InStr(1,Session("CreateColor"),"-") - 1)   <------ will return 01

..using the above method will ensure that regardless of the length of the colour name or the length of the number the right results will be returned

Session("CreateColor") = "0011100-Dark Greeny Brown"

Using normal Left() and Right() is not suitable if you do not know the lengths.

Note to sciber_dude about Mid()

Mid(string, startPOS, noChars)
say Session("CreateColor") has the value "04-Pink"

mid(Session("CreateColor"),4) will yield - Pink

left(Session("CreateColor"),2) will yield - 04

I guess u can work out the rest.
:) SD
More information about these string functions here:-

:) SD
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@ Lord_McFly -

> Note to sciber_dude about Mid()

> Mid(string, startPOS, noChars)

Thanks for the note.

The actual syntax is Mid(string, start[, length])  and that means the length is optional (and that means there is nothing wrong with my solution - It picks up the whole string from the start position :P)

More info:

:) SD
raudiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the speedy replies, although sciber_dudes response, worked, Lord McFly' accepted answer addresses the problem of unknown lengths.

@ raudi -

If 99 = Other color, I assumed that you dont have more than 99 colors (and hence the color code is not greater than 2 characters). In that case, you really dont need the complicated checking. What if you had a color ...

"13-gray-black" Then Lord_McFly's solution wont work.

Hmm.. I see that you have accepted the answer.. so good luck.

:) SD
> addresses the problem of unknown lengths.

You didnt ask for this!
:) SD
@  raudi -

and Lord_McFly writes...

> Using normal Left() and Right() is not suitable if you do not know the lengths.

Which you didnt state as part of your original question.

:) SD


Thx for the correction about the Mid() - I didn't realise you could do that.

As for "13-gray-black" I would suggest a different separating character - "13|gray-black".


@  raudi -

Modifying Lord_McFly's solution for multiple "-" in the Session("CreateColor"):

e.g. if Session("CreateColor") = "13-gray-black"

Response.Write mid(Session("CreateColor"),InStr(Session("CreateColor"),"-")+1) <----- will return gray-black
Response.Write mid(Session("CreateColor"),1,InStr(Session("CreateColor"),"-")-1) <----- will return 13

and for "0011100-Dark Greeny Brown"

Response.Write mid(Session("CreateColor"),InStr(Session("CreateColor"),"-")+1) <----- will return Dark Greeny Brown
Response.Write mid(Session("CreateColor"),1,InStr(Session("CreateColor"),"-")-1) <----- will return 0011100

:) SD
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