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I am trying to open a popup window, i want to set Scrollbars=auto , like this"design.jsp","showDesign","status=no,height=409,width=615,dependent=yes,scrollbars=auto");
but, the above line is not working, if i give scrollbars=yes , it is working, how can i make "auto" ?
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lhankinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think that option refers to whether or not the browser window in question <can> have scrollbars.   It doesn't neccessarily mean it will have them (that is a function of the HTML document it contains).

If you create a new window with scrollbars=yes, then when it displays an HTML document which is larger than the viewport, it will add scrollbars (if the HTML document is smaller than the viewport, there will be no scrollbars).

Conversely - if you say scrollbars=no, then even if you have a document which is larger than the viewport, you'll still get no scrollbars...

This option is not to be confused with the CSS property overflow (which you can set to auto if you want scrollbars).

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