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First, I'll start off by saying I know NOTHING about OCR other than to say it's what's used to convert written or printed text into text on your computer screen :)
With that being said, I need some advice from those of you who ARE familiar with OCR. I need to know if there is anything out there that can recognize *any* font that's on my system. I know your standard OCR will recognize your basic times new roman, arial, etc. type fonts and even hand-written text, but I need to go a step beyond that.

Picture the fonts Wingdings or Webdings ... I need something where I can set a parameter like "Font to recognize" in the software and pick one of the fonts on my system. Then, when I scan hand-made drawings it will match them up to the characters within that font set. In other words, I want to be able to draw Wingdings or some other nonsense font on paper, scan it, and have the OCR "recognize" my drawings as characters from the Wingdings font and put them out on my screen.

Is there anything out there that can do this, software or hardware?
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Sohel RanaCommented:
A list with comparision of 100 top ocr software:


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visionmultimediaAuthor Commented:
Most of these are sites that I've already been to before, it doesn't really address my question ...

I'm specifically looking for something, software or hardware, that will recognize *any font* on my system and allow for transliteration.  I mean basically, if I have a font of heiroglyphics or something like that I want to be able to scan a page of heiroglyphics and have them appear on my screen.  What I'm looking for is very font-specific, and will be more like Heiroglyphics or Wingdings than letters of any known alphabet.

I've found most of those sites in a Google search myself ... I'm looking for a specific answer to a specific question that WASN'T answered on any of those pages.
Sohel RanaCommented:
Hi there:

It is quite hard to find an OCR which can read handwritting but you can use scanner to scan as an image file.  You can get some idea about OCR :


And about "Font to recognize" OCR,  I will post it soon.


Sohel RanaCommented:
Hi visionmultimedia:

Did you see the screen shots of claraorc? It has a feature about font entry :


Screen shots:


visionmultimediaAuthor Commented:
Claraocr appears to be something that could do the job, or would at least be worth trying but the problem is it's a unix program and wouldn't work in Windows.  Anything else like that out there for Winxp?
Sohel RanaCommented:

I think IRIS OCR can do the same task like Claraocr, because IRIS probably the most robust and versatile OCR software to date.

As for hardware, any high-res scanner is OCR capable, but it is better to check with the compatibility list for your software.


In the above link you will see the features list. It is better idea to ask them and confirm about the feature (about font recognition) you are looking for. You can send an email by this link:


rkattanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
about hardware, any scanner can do the job, scan at 300 + dpi and it will be perfect.

about software, i use since long time Abbyy FineReader (http://www.abbyy.com), it's GREAT, hight quality recognition, even with those bad fax documents, text images inside pdf, many languages (based on roman charset).

it's simple the BEST i ever tried...
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