Hello, I'm running Windows XP on my machine and Knoppix 3.2. I'm using cable internet which is conected from a Motorolla modem to the network card via ethernet conection.

Now, i can use the internet from Windows XP fine, but with Linux i can't. It says there was an error and the page could not be found.

What can i do?

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brabardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I know , Knoppix will not bring up your NIC with dhcp boot option by default . Also , providers usually distribute IP settings via dhcp .
Use your Settings (or something sumular) menu to tell the system it have to obtain IP options automatically .

have you checked the ip-config ? (IP in same subnet, DNS-Servers, gateway=cable-modem-ip)
krupiniAuthor Commented:
I ran knoppix with 'knoppix dhcp' kernel option, but that did not work. My connection (on Win XP) is configured automaticaly via dhcp. So i do not need to do any configuation.
Ok, I have this motherboard ( with on-board 3COM 3C940 nic. It's a gigabit lan nic, I guess fairly new. So it could be possible that Knoppix does not have a driver for it, or that it does not detect it during bootup. If i have to run 'modprobe' what option should I specify?
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berni1234Connect With a Mentor Commented:
first check, if you get a ip-adress from dhcp or not ("ifconfig" in a command-shell)
OK , Knoppix detects network cards and prints very usefull messages during the boot , what it is printing ?
greg14unixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Knoppix includes a GUI tool for setting up your network interface.  Go to the Knoppix menu -> Network/Internet -> Network card configuration.
This should start Xnetcardconfig for you and allow you to choose between DHCP and static IP addresses.
krupiniAuthor Commented:
Ahh, there there

Knoppix does not have a driver for the nic. So I followed the instructions on buidling the module, and now, everything works. I should try Knoppix 3.4 and see if it already comes with driver. Thanks to all who helped.

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