Data Width?

I have encountered this terminology on numerous occasions, when in the current process of purchasing a GPU - what does its meaning denote?

Moreover, I found it to be existent in two variants: 128/256-bit.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Memory bus width is part of the total equation of how much memory bandwidth you can get, to transfer video data like textures - the other factors are clock speed and whether you use DDR to take advantage of rising and falling edges of signals.
Have a look at:

Not sure it will give you the info you need but it's a start.

AmarjitSinghAuthor Commented:
In summarisation, is Data (Bus) Width of any significance?
Yes, a wider bus can transfer more data at a time, but there is a practical limit - more pinouts need to be connected, and more traces needed, and that means more space on the board is taken up.  All other things being equal, a wider bus is more desirable.
AmarjitSinghAuthor Commented:
Acknowledged and thanks for the prompt reply. Here is your full and rightful allocation of points.
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