unable to install any oerating system on Comaq Armada M300

Posted on 2004-05-03
Last Modified: 2008-01-09

Hello Experts

I've got a compaq armada m300 which had windows xp running in it, on installation of a new programme the computer started showing the blue screen and wouldn't boot up properly. Tried going into safe mode and uninstalling the programe which was successfull but yet it wouldn't boot properly. The customer insisted that I should rebuild the laptop and install a fresh copy of XP. I done a fdisk on the laptop deleted the old partition made a new one formatted the whole drive with fat32, the drive is only 5.5 GB. During intallation it keeps on reporting that it cannot copy the files press escape to skip or enter to retry and then it again shows the blue screen and shows

***STOP: 0X0000001E (0XC0000005, 0X8046C0A4, 0X00000001, 0X008B17A0) KMODE_EXEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

*** ADDRESS 8046C0A4 BASE AT 80400000, DATASTAMP 3d362a77 - ntoskrnl.exe

is this a hard drive problem or any thing else. It's definaletly not the cd because I can use the same disk to build any other machine, lap or desktop.

Question by:kamal73
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I would again use fdisk to delete all the partitions and DO NOT MAKE ANY partitions at all on the drive.

Windows XP Setup will detect the drive and make its own partition. Use NTFS if you are allowed because it's more secure, less susceptible to corruption and performs better.

Author Comment

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I've already tried that it goes as far as creating a new drive and formatting it and even copying the required files to the hard drive but when it comes to stage where it actually tries to register the files and discover the hardware it reboots if I'm trying to install win 98 or gives me aq blue screen if I'm attempting to install XP or windows 2000.
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I think I'd try another hard drive in that laptop.
Another possibility is that RAM has become unseated or gone bad. Try reseating RAM modules.
If possible, boot from a bootable floppy and run a HD diagnostic program.
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Here ya go, found this good explaination for ya...

Check out this page for a good explaination of the script by Randal Shwartz...

1 #!/usr/local/bin/perl -Tw
2 use strict;
3 $| = 1;
5 use CGI ":all";
7 ### configuration
9 ## all-capital names are used in code, so don't change them
11 ## type of default fields unless overridden with $_[0] is fieldname
12 sub DEFAULT_FIELD { textfield(shift, "", 60) }
14 my @PAGES =
15 (
16 ## first and second pages have no back buttons
17 ["Introduction", \&intro_page],
18 ["Tell us about yourself",
19 [Name => "Name"],
20 [Address => "Address"],
21 [City => "City"],
22 [State => "State"],
23 [Zipcode => "Zip Code"],
24 ],
25 ["Tell us about your experience",
26 [Movie => "Movie you saw"],
27 [Review => "What you thought of it", sub {
28 radio_group(shift, ['No opinion', qw(Excellent
Good Fair Poor Bombed)]);
29 }],
30 ],
31 ["Tell us anything else",
32 [Theatre => "Theatre conditions"],
33 [Snackbar => "Snack bar"],
34 [General => "Any other comments?", sub { textarea(shift) }],
35 ],
36 ["Thank you!", \&thank_you_page],
37 ["Goodbye!", \&submit_page],
38 ## last page has no back or forward buttons
39 );
41 ## Internal use: these must not collide with fieldnames above
42 my $PREVIOUS = "Previous Page";
43 my $NEXT = "Next Page";
44 my $PAGE = "__page__";
46 sub intro_page {
47 print
48 p(["Thank you for visiting ScratchySound Theatres!",
49 "Please take a moment to tell us about your experience.",
50 ]);
51 }
53 sub thank_you_page {
54 print
55 p(["Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey!",
56 "Go back now to change any entries you need,
or forward to send to us!",
57 ]);
58 }
60 sub submit_page {
61 ## code to save params would go here
62 ## be sure to ignore param($PAGE), param($NEXT), param($PREVIOUS)
63 print
64 p(["Your entry has been submitted to us!", "Thank you!"]);
65 print $CGI::Q->dump; # debugging
66 }
68 ### end
70 my $previous = param($PREVIOUS);
71 my $next = param($NEXT);
72 my $page = param($PAGE);
74 if (defined $page and $page =~ /^\d+$/
and $page >= 0 and $page <= $#PAGES) {
75 $page += defined($previous) ? -1 : +1; # default to forward
76 } else {
77 $page = 0;
78 }
79 param($PAGE, $page); # set it for hidden
81 my @info = @{$PAGES[$page]};
82 my $title = shift @info;
84 print header, start_html($title), h1($title);
85 print start_form;
86 if (ref $info[0] eq "CODE") {
87 $info[0]->();
88 } else {
89 print table({ Border => 1, Cellpadding => 5 },
90 map { Tr(
91 th($_->[1]),
92 td(($_->[2] || \&DEFAULT_FIELD)->($_->[0]))
93 )} @info
94 );
95 }
97 ## no backing up from first or second or last page:
98 print submit($PREVIOUS) if $page > 1 and $page < $#PAGES;
99 ## no going forward from last page:
100 print submit($NEXT) if $page < $#PAGES;
102 ## generate hidden fields
103 print hidden($PAGE);
104 for my $other (0..$#PAGES) {
105 next if $other == $page; # don't dump hiddens for current
106 my @info = @{$PAGES[$other]};
107 shift @info; # toss title
108 next if ref($info[0]) eq "CODE"; # code page
109 for (map {$_->[0]} @info) {
110 print hidden($_) if defined param($_);
111 }
112 }
113 print end_form;
114 print end_html;

Hope this helps for ya!

Just in case here's another good explaination

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ID: 11000821
oops sorry all wrong post by mistake!!! :(

don't mind me :0


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