Ghost error, Read Sector Failure

Hi. I always like to ghost my XP Pro machine. I am using Ghost 2003 and about 15% into the burning process, it errors "Application error 29004, Read Sector Failure, result = 1, drive = 0, sectors 111517775 to 111517839." I am wasting precious DVD-R's and CD's thanks to this. I have run scandisk successfuly. Any ideas?  
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This problem appears to be due to the way Ghost is accessing the drive. To resolve the problem, recreate the image using the -FNI switch to start Ghost:

Ghost -FNI

If that does not work, recreate with the -FFX switch also:

Ghost -FFX -FNI

These switches force Ghost to use a different method for accessing the drive.
This should help...;-)
Another note: Defrag your source drive to improve the performance. ...;-)
Ravens52Author Commented:
Nope. Didn't work. I used both of those switches. That is 4 more CD-R's that I have to trash. :(  If I have bad sectors, wouldn't scandisk catch that? And I always defrag before cloning. Any other ideas?
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Ravens52Author Commented:
Here is an update. I download a program called HDD Regenerator that you put on a floppy, boot off of it, and it detects and repairs all bad sectors on a hard-drive - any file system, formatted or unformatted. So I scanned my drive with the demo version and it indeed found and repaired a bad sector at sector # 111517806. Unfortunately, the free version only repairs one bad sector and to repair more you need to pay for it. It's a good program; it's worth it in my case. And then Ghost SHOULD be able to clone my drive. I will let you know if it does. :)

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Ravens52Author Commented:
Well that worked. I fixed the bad sectors (which chkdsk didn't find much less fix) with that nice little program called HDD Regenerator.  I am new to EE. Since I solved my own question, do I get to have the points? ;)
Post a note in Community Support with a link to this question saying you solved your own problem, and you will be refunded your points.
Ravens52Author Commented:
But does it really matter that I get my points back? I am a paid member and I thought we have unlimited points for questions.
True, you have unlimited point for asking question, but it just a matter of closing the question...;-)
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