Rundll32 has caused an error in SetupX.dll

When I go to control panel>install/uninstall>windows setup, up pops an applet that says:


An error has occurred in your program, to keep working click ignore and save your work in a new file. To quit this program click close, you will lose information entered since your last save”.

I close that applet then I get another:

Rundll32 has caused an error in SetupXdll, rundll will now close.

I found this same problem on another support site, and the answer that worked for that one was:

"Your setupx.dll error is usually the result of first having deleted some
empty folders in Program Files that were placed there when Win Me was
installed that are used for optional components of Win Me and then using a
registry cleaner such as EasyCleaner which removed some necessary entries
required for Add/Remove Programs | Windows Setup to function because the
target folders were no longer present. You can avoid this happening in future
by not deleting such folders and similarly not deleting any values in the key
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Set up\VarLDID"

Ok, yes, I had run RegSeeker, so I restored the backups. I'm still having the same problem even after rebooting. I also tried restoring both of those files (rundll32 and setupx), but still the same.

Any other ideas?

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How long has the problem been present?  You could try the System Restore feature of Windows ME:  The following Microsoft Knowledge Base article describes the System Restore utility of WinME:;en-us;267951
Description of the System Restore Utility in Windows Millennium Edition
hoodyAuthor Commented:
The problems have been ongoing for 3 years, and they have done the restore about 3-4 times a year, with the problems always coming back. They do not want to do a restore again, but want to know why they continue to have these recurring problems. (Mind, I don't know for sure what specific problems they've had, as I've just now been brought the system.) I would like to get the system stabilized without doing a restore, and then run a set of new recovery CD's in case they have future problems, so they do not have to reload everything.

   >>  Rundll32 has caused an error in SetupXdll, rundll will now close  <<
Three years does seem a long time to keep a trojan, but it could just be!   If so, maybe worth downloading Ad-aware and running it.  That could do the trick:
        Ad-aware : 

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If not, you may like to inspect this article for the answer:        
This is one of several sites I found that contained the advice you were given in the other forum, as detailed in your question.  Did you try creating and running the registry file that is present at the bottom of the thread below:
Here's another site I found on this problem, with a totally different solution:
hoodyAuthor Commented:
I have run Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy, as well as several antivirus products, and yes, there were a  lot of everything! All of that is now cleaned up. I did run a registry cleaner - Regseeker - but then after I discovered this particular problem, and one of the comments about the registry, I undid the registry cleaning, but the problem remained. I will review all of the links later this evening, gotta run right now!
hoodyAuthor Commented:
Re:  Comment from Jonvee
Date: 05/15/2004 01:11PM PDT
      If not, you may like to inspect this article for the answer:        

I've reviewed that page before, but went through it again closer, none of those deal with the startupx involvement. If you think it would be worth the trouble to try each and every solution, I can do that, as I don't seem to be finding much else.

Re:  Comment from LeeTutor
Date: 05/15/2004 02:24PM PDT
This is one of several sites I found that contained the advice you were given in the other forum, as detailed in your question.  Did you try creating and running the registry file that is present at the bottom of the thread below:

No, I haven't tried that. Tried to do so several times this morning, but MY system kept crashing (that's another headache!) Now I'm trying it from the computer in question, but the site is down! I'll keep trying to get there this afternoon and let you know if the registry add makes any difference.
hoodyAuthor Commented:
Ok, I've tried adding the registry key from

(That's me that posted as urnsbay, I hadn't seen that answer yet though!)

Interestingly, it fixed the problem I was having with the folder pane in Explorer being greyed out, but it didn't help with the rundll32 error. I still get that when I go to Control Panel, Windows Setup. Next idea?
hoodyAuthor Commented:
I also tried the fix that suggested moving the layout*.inf file - but there are none on this system to move! Go figure.

With reference to your comment above at 01:13pm PDT:   no, i see nothing to gain at present from checking each and every solution.  Far more prudent to follow the comments of LeeTutor.  It's puzzling though!
Will continue the search for a clue.
This Microsoft Knowledge Base article says it applies to Windows 95, but perhaps it applies to WinME too?;EN-US;177847
Error Message: Rundll32 Caused a Fault in Setupx

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hoodyAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys, I had to give up on this one! The owner wanted their computer back, and didn't care about this one last error. I guess when it gets bad enough they will do another restore... or call me again! I do thank you both for all of your help. I feel I should reward you both for all your hard work - shall I split the points?
hoodyAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'm going to split the points then. I'd like to see this problem/solution stay on the board for future issues, as I had such a terrible time finding any info on it at all before I came here. If I can save someone else the hastles I had to go through, it's well worth it, even if it didn't actually fix my particular situation. By the way, I didn't get a chance to try that last suggestion, the one that applied to Win95. It didn't sound quite the same, but who knows, it may have been the one. And who knows, that computer may end up here again one day!! Thanks to you both!
hoodyAuthor Commented:
Yep, started to split the points earlier, but got dragged away by my son! (He's 2 1/2) I'm a full-time mom and part-time computer addict! Thanks again!
Pity we couldn't fix it for you (this time!), but at least you seem pleased with E-E response!
Thanks for the good feedback.                   Glad to help ... and thank you.

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