Event 9153 MSExchangeSA Errors

We are continually receiving an event ID error in the Event Viewer.  I have researched this problem on Microsoft's website, but cannot seem to find a solution.  We are running Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000 as well.  We are running in Native mode; not Mixed mode.  
There are a few Event ID 8273 messages, but nothing like the 9153.  Any help given is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Before Doing this take backup --just for safty.

In Exchange 2000 Server, messages may build up in the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) remote queues for many hours. During this time, the server performs as it typically does and does not experience any unexpected load. The SMTP remote queues build up for some time, and then suddenly start flushing out the mail.

After the SMTP remote queue is clear, it starts to build up again for many hours. All message flow on the servers in the site may be delayed, and messages may take many hours to be delivered.
This issue may occur if Exchange 2000 servers are running in a mixed mode organization and one or more of following error messages are repeated in the Application event log:
8/27/2002 12:21
Source: MSExchangeSA
Type: Error
Event ID: 9153
Description: Microsoft Exchange System Attendant reported an error '0xc007056b' when setting DS notification.

8/27/2002 12:21
Source: MSExchangeFBPublish
Type: Error
Event ID: 8213
Description: System Attendant Service failed to create session for virtual machine name_of_the_server. The error number is 0xc007054b.

The event ID 9153 and 8213 error messages indicate that the system attendant service is trying to create a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) session with the Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 computer. The thread in the system attendant that is trying to create the MAPI session is waiting on a Microsoft Windows NT Security Identifier (SID) lookup for the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 service account.

In some cases, this SID lookup may take a long time to resolve. Because of this, the threads in the system attendant that are responsible for the message tracking remote procedure call (RPC) calls do not respond quickly.

For additional information about how to resolve the event ID 9153 and 8213 error messages, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
296151 XADM: Event 8213 Appears in Exchange 2000 Server Event Viewer

The event ID 9153 and 8213 error messages in the Application event log may indicate that a security problem exists in the administrative group in which the Exchange 2000 server exists.

To resolve this issue:
If no Exchange Server 5.5 computer exists in your organization, convert your organization from mixed mode to native mode.For additional information about how to convert an organization from mixed mode to native mode, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
270143 XADM: Mixed Mode vs. Native Mode

If your Exchange 2000 servers are in a mixed mode organization, use the procedures in Microsoft Knowledge Base articles Q296151 to resolve this issue.For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
296151 XADM: Event 8213 Appears in Exchange 2000 Server Event Viewer

To work around this issue, disable message tracking on the server.
In the current architecture, the system attendant uses a single critical section that is required for each message tracking entry. This may cause a queue backlog in the SMTP remote queue because Exchange 2000 cannot move these messages without completing the message tracking information.

Ignore this line :- Before Doing this take backup --just for safty. in above solution.
AdminBWCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response shreekar.  We are not running in mixed mode, so I not that is the issue.  Exchange 5.5 does not exist on my network.  I'm not so sure I want to disable message tracking, simply b/c I do not want to slow down message delivery.  I read this article previously and it did not resolve my problem.  That's why I came to EE - to hopefully find a solution.

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Have you got any Active Directory connectors or site replication service setup on this box?

You don't need ADC if you don't have Exchange 5.5 and you need to remove it. You will have to remove SRS in System Manager and then you can uninstall ADC.

If that isn't it, can you post the complete error event log entry?

AdminBWCAuthor Commented:
You may have to direct me to the correct place to look for a connector in AD - the only connector I am aware of is the SMTP connector in Exchange.
The AD Connector will be listed in Add/Remove programs. Try and uninstall it - if there is something stopping the removal then it will tell you.
I inherited a similar problem a few months ago and it took ages to track down that it was the connector.

AdminBWCAuthor Commented:
I looked in Add/Remove programs and do not see an AD Connector.  Below is the error I am receiving:

Source:  MSExchangeSA
Category:  General
Event ID:  9153

Microsoft Exchange System Attendant reported an error '0x80005000' when setting DS notification.
For more information, click http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp.

Thank you for your time and help.  It is greatly appreciated!
That looks like a problem talking to the AD.
Can you install the support tools off the Windows server CD and run dcdiag? See if comes back with an errors.


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AdminBWCAuthor Commented:
I'll be glad to give it a shot. Thanks!

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