[Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle]Syntax error or access violation Error

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Hi all,

I get this error when I try to call a package from my ASP page. Does anyone know why?


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Because you have done something wrong.  The actual error message would help :-)

Check your parameters first, are they the correct number and the correct type to start with.

We've had similar problems, unfortunately error messages from ASP for Oracle are pretty vague.  When we've had this problem it has been because number of records coming back from Oracle are greater than the size of the recordset definied in ASP.  For some reason you have to guess the size of the recordset that is going to come back!!  This can take up valuable memory on the web server if you make the recordset to big and can cause the problem above if it's too small.  

If you are trying to return a recordset try increasing the size of it in the ASP and see if that helps.

Unfortunately that error could be due to many things...

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