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I have a computer running XP Pro sp1 all the critical updates are installed.  Office xp sp3.  I need to get my out of office assistant working but when i click on tools and out of office assistant, i get the following message "The command is not available.  See the program documentation about how to use this extension." Under Options, and advanced options, under add- in manager i have everything checked, outlooksync, exchange scan, delegate access,deleted item recovery, server scripting, exchange extensions commands, and exchange extensions property pages.  

I'm running windows 2000 server with exchange 2000, i have enabled to the use of out of office assistant emails on the exhange server.

what i have down with the XP machine is i have updated everything.  this did not work.  i have unintalled outlook and reinstalled outlook and this didn't work.  

Please let me know if anyone has had this problem before.


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A SyscokidRetired bureaucrat/desktop support
When you click Out of Office Assistant on the Tools menu in Outlook 2002, you may receive the following error message:

The command is not available. See the program documentation about how to use this extension.
This behavior may occur if the following key is present in the registry:

more info at:
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 327353


Thanks for the quick response!!!  
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Sorry asyscokid  i did not see your answer

You're welcome
A SyscokidRetired bureaucrat/desktop support

No problem, TOPIO.  Glad to help, bareismls.
I have the same problem, but the above solution did not resolve the issue.  The Resiliency key is not in the registry.
Use regedt32 rather than regedit and you should be able to see the resiliency value
Please take attention because is:


and not "Local Machine" as usual !!!!!!!

Please try again!
Even when using regedt32 I still do not see a resiliency key.

You may be making the same mistake I was.  The resiliency value is a subfolder under the Outlook folder.
This issue has already been resolved.  In Outlook go to Help, select about Microsoft Outlook.  Select disabled items.  Out of office assistant is in the dialouge box.  Click on enable and the OOO assistant works again.  

i have the same issue, but neither of the solutions above have helped is there another solution that anyone is aware of???/
any help would be nicccccccccceeeeeee

Hi there

On the majority of our Laptops (IBMT60) i can find the resiliency key however there is the odd Laptop IBMT60 that doesn't appear to have the Resiliency key in regedit or regedt32 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Resiliency and cannot see a subfolder called Resiliency .  I have even searched the registry for the Resiliency key.

I have checked Outlook to see if there are any addins that need to be disabled and there isn't.
Have reinstalled Office 2003 but still cannot find the Resiliency key to rename so 'Out of Office' works

The only way I can Turn On or Turn Off the Out of Office is by removing the TICK for 'Use Cache Exchange Mode' (so i remove tick for 'use cache exchange mode' set my out of office message and then go back and add the tick for 'use cache exchange mode' and then repeat the process for turning out of office off')

Do you have any suggestions on fixes?
A SyscokidRetired bureaucrat/desktop support

I suggest you open a new question. This one is not only closed, but over two years old.  No one except the people who participated in this bthread will see your comment.

Thanks Guys/Girls
I just want to say that this may be Active Directory profile-related. I fixed a similar problem by redownloading a user's AD base profile. See your network admin if you need their help.

Just to let asyscokid know I stumbled across this thread 11-30-09 so yes people are still experiencing this problem and they can still see this thread.  And I'm just like Change1 there is no resiliency key either through regedit or regedt32.  So suggesting to post a different question doesn't help anyone out who has or still is experiencing this problem.  

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