Following re-format of Drive C in Win 98, Monitor colors are poor, and web pages are riddled with dots

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I "F" disked and re-installed Windows 98 onto a friend's PC.  Everything works fine now, but the monitor colors are poor, and web pages have what appears to be large pixels.  The monitor is a Philips Magnavox 105 S / CM2300.  It was using the same driver, and I've also tried another driver from  My color choices in settings are limited to either 2 or 16, and I can't change resolution either.  This monitor used to have sharp, clear colors, and with no dots.  Can somebody please help?   Thanks!

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Hello ultralightpilot =)

U need to install the Latest driver for ur Disaplay(Video) card !!!
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If udont know waht video card are u suing, then Download this utility and install it,

EVEREST Home Edition:

it will give u a list of all the hardware attached to ur system, note down the correct
version and make of ur required device, and then search for the appropiate drivers either on
the manufacturere site, or u can also find them on
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My recommendation is first install the latest drivers for ur Motherboard,,,, then for Video Cards, and then for Monitor !!!!

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Check the following and see if it applies.

Start Menu > RUN option > and type MSCONFIG > click "OK"
Click the "Advanced" button on the "General" tab
Is the setting "VGA 640 x 480 x 16" checked?
If so, UNCHECK it, click "OK", then click "Apply"
Close all windows and reboot.

Although not totally relevant to the current problem, while you are in the MSCONFIG "advanced" options, you might as well also place a check against the options:

"Disable Fast Shutdown"
"Enable Startup Menu"

The first one tends to cure a lot of hung screens at shutdown where open and running programs aren't being properly terminated before all data is written back to the registry.

The 2nd gives you a boot menu while still in DOS at the initial stages of booting.  This saves a lot of time if you need to get into Safe Mode, DOS Mode, or other options.
The settings are saved to the file C:\MSDOS.SYS which can be edited in NotePad to speed up the time that it waits for user input before running the default boot option of Normal Windows.

eg. adding the following lines at the tail end of the file will stop the logo from obscuring the boot progress, will allow key combinations to be used, and will wait for 6 seconds before booting to Windows if the user doesn't choose another option:


MSDOS.SYS is usually "hidden" and is probably "read only", so a Right-Click > Properties allows you to remove the "read only" attribute and allow it to be edited and saved.  Restore the attributes after you save it.
Some drivers here, but limited notes:

Windows 98 driver for model 105 S11: (1.3 MB)

NOTE:  Monitors don't really need "driver" files, but your system needs an .INF file containing specific settings to allow the monitor to be identified and the settings contained in that file to be used.  Windows 98 and 98SE both install a few "monitor.inf" (and monitor2.inf monitor2.inf, etc) files that contain settings for most current monitors available at the time Win98 was launched.  If these files don't contain the make and model number of a connected monitor, then you should install the correct .inf file or the system sometimes doesn't know how to interact with the device, or know the maximum resolutions and so on.

The .zip file I specified above contains a file "PHILIPS.INF" and is dated 17 February 2000.  If you RIGHT-Click on this file and select "Install", it will copy this file to the proper folder and allow you to select your Philips monitor from the "Monitor" dialog box in Windows 98 to activate Plug & Play application if the monitor isn't being recognised by name.  It will also install .icm (colour profile) files to your system.

Confusingly, although indexed on the page from my previous link as "Windows98 - Driver   105S11_05 ", the .INF file refers to it as:
560C="Philips 105S (105S1)"
so really it just applies settings for the 105S "family".

Optionally, the .exe files in the download would install and set up the monitor, but I haven't tested them.  Read the file "INSTALL.TXT" for instructions.  I see from the contents of the .exe files that they write to the registry and configure the monitor as the "default" one.

Where on earth did I get the "105 S11" from?  Looking back you clearly quoted "105 S".  The details above are nevertheless accurate.
Windows98 - Driver   105S10 :

Owner's manual 105S (terrible quality):

All this is really getting away from the fact that you need to ensure you have installed the correct driver for your graphics card.
Your problem is not likely your Monitor Driver, but your Display(video) Adapter Driver.

Go to START/ SETTINGS/SYSTEM and click on DEVICE MANAGER tab. Double click on DISPLAY ADAPTERS and see if the Adapter Type shown is the
one your Motherboard(if integrated) InFo says it is, or
your Video Card(board your monitor is plugged into) says it is.

If identifying the Video Adapter(card or integrated  circuit) is not convenient or known, double click on the Display Adapter shown to bring up the Drive Window.
Click on DRIVER tab and click on UPDATE DRIVER button. Click on NEXT for the next couple of windows to let Window SEARCH for a better driver.

If the results are "Windows has located the driver and is now installing it" then you had the wrong driver installed. Click OK to let it load the newer driver. If the results are "Cannot find the driver for you hardware", then insert your Win98(SE preferred) CD in ROM and BROWSE your CDROM to Win98 folder on CD to try to
find the driver.

If this does not work, you can select SELECT FROM LIST OF AVAILABLE DRIVERS instead of BROWSE in the DRIVER window and choose Windows STANDARD SVGA DRIVER to allow you 16 bit color at 800 X 600 pixels, till you can download the correct driver for your Video Card. If your Video Card is a plugin, unplug it to get the correct make and model to download a driver.
If in is integrated, get your Motherboard make and model to find the Video Adapter used on it from the Internet.

Hope this helps.

Jim Russell
San Diego
PS: Wanted to mention BELARC SYSTEM ADVISOR is a free utility I use to scan hardware and display
      make and model of PC System Hardware. Find it at DOWNLOAD.COM.

ALSO: If all else fails, don't rule out a bad Video Card or Monitor/Cable connection to VideoCard. Try
          reseating Video Cable to Video Card then reseating Video Card in Motherboard.

Did you find the cause of the problem?  Was it to do with the fact that you did not have the correct driver for your graphics card/chip installed?

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