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Novell Client Removal Tool

truth_talker asked
I have a Win XP Pro machine that i'm having client difficult with.

Is there a tool or utility out there to completely remove all instances of any novell clients that have been installed on a machine?


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Here Novell tells you how to do it

There are two ways to remove the Novell Client for NT/2000/XP:

1. Windows NT 4.0: From the Control Panel open the Network applet, go to the Services tab, highlight the "Novell Client for Windows NT" and press the "Remove" button.  The Novell Client for NT/2000 and dependant Windows network services will be removed.

Windows 2000/XP (Novell Client versions prior to 4.9): From the Control Panel open the "Network and Dial-Up Connections" applet.  Highlight any "Local Area Connection" or "Dial-Up Connection" entry where the Novell Client for NT/2000 is being used, and use File | Properties to bring up the properties dialog for that connection.  Highlight the "Novell Client for Windows 2000" entry in the connection properties and then press the "Uninstall" button.  Windows will confirm that you want to remove the Novell Client for NT/2000 from all connections and not just the current connection.  Confirm "Yes" to this prompt and the Novell Client for NT/2000/XP and dependent Windows network services will be removed.

The Novell Client for Windows NT/2000/XP version 4.9 allows the client to be removed from the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs interface. It is listed as "Novell Client for Windows." This procedure accomplishes the same thing as the procedure described in the preceeding paragraph.

2. If, due to problems or corruption, the client can not be successfully removed from the Network control panel, use REGEDIT to manually remove/change the following registry keys and values.

   Remove three keys:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers\NetWare Print Services

   Change the GinaDLL value:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon
   Under this key exists a string value named "GinaDLL".
   Edit this entry from "NWGINA.DLL" to "MSGINA.DLL".

   Prior to rebooting, verify that MSGINA.DLL exists in the Windows SYSTEM32 directory and reflects the appropriate date/version for the installed Windows service pack.  Copy MSGINA.DLL from the appropriate service pack if necessary.

   Restart the workstation.  Note that the above steps only disable the core client functionality (unlike removal from the Network control panel applet where dependant services are also removed).  As such, you may likely encounter error messages and/or service start failures from other optional components that are still running, such as ZENworks workstation components or protocol components such as CMD.

   Once having achieved a workstation state where the core client functionality is no longer running, the only way to ensure that all client components get properly removed is to install the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000 such that a removal via the Network control panel can be re-attempted.  Although the Novell client could not be successfully removed via the Network control panel initially, manually disabling the client and then forcing a re-installation can potentially correct any network or registry configuration issues that are preventing successful un-install.

   An additional troubleshooting step would be manually disabling the core client functionality as described above, and then furthermore removing any and all additional Network control panel entries including the network adapter(s).  (Note Windows may warn that the network configuration is incomplete.)  After restarting Windows with this "empty" network configuration, re-installing the network adapters and services and then finally re-installing the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000 would rebuild as many possible aspects of the Windows networking configuration..


From experience, this works.

Go to Start
Network Connections.

Open the Local Area Connection. Click on the Properties button.
In the list, click on Novell Client for Windows. Click the Uninstall button. Follow the instuctions on the screen to uninstall the Novell Network Client.

As hewittg says, the client can generally remove itself via the usual mechanism provided in Windoze for altering a machine's network configuration. The  info from TID #10013922 should only be needed if something else is hosed on the machine and the resultant effects on the house-of-cards nature of Windoze makes it impossible to remove the client normally.
Use the freeware utility called CleanIt from Messaging Architects.