Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping

Hello there
i have problem with my new laptop , the wireless connection keeps dropping .
i have Wireless G Linksys ADSL router
now i kept searching about this problem and i found an article in Microsoft ( KB828940 )
but its a hotfix and am not able to get it !
can any one help me to get it or to fix my problem .

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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQed with points refunded (250)

Community Support Moderator
Check your power management settings on the laptop.
Sometimes laptops can reduce or suspend power to the PCMCIA bus when they think they are not in use.
This can cause the wireless network to drop out.

Set your power management options to Always On an dtest it for a while.
If it doesn't drop out then it's a power management issue.

fadixpAuthor Commented:
well i downloaded one of windows updates which is not critical and untill now its working fine .
20 min already nothing happened
lets see ...
if any thing new happened i will inform you .and about the power i will try it now but also i want to tell you that am using a built in wireless card
am using GIGABYTE (GMAX N601 ) laptop
thanks for your fast respond
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Although it's built in it will still be using the PCI or PCMCIA bus and can still encounter problems if the laptop reduces power to these.

Hopefully you've got it nailed now anyway.

Anto.  :o)
EricIT ManagerCommented:
DO you have any other wireless devices that could cause interfearence?  cordless phones, etc......

That can cause such problems also
fadixpAuthor Commented:
k , there is no any devices except the microwave which is really far from my room !
no cordless phones , no radio i turned off the lights , i closed the windows and i put the laptop ON THE ROUTER ...
and still the same .
what should i do ! ?
EricIT ManagerCommented:
try updating the firmware of the AP
fadixpAuthor Commented:
i found the problem please close the incident , the solution was to use channel 11 now its working 100% perfect ,and refund the points to me .
fadixpAuthor Commented:
hello! ur urgent action in this topic is highly appreciated !
close it plz
EricIT ManagerCommented:

 I answered my question myself. What do I do?
Post a question in the Community Support topic area asking for a refund, and asking the Moderators to close the question. You'll be required to post your solution in your original question. A Moderator will post a notice of your request which will give the participants 96 hours to object to the refund. Note that if it resembles one of the suggested comments, the likelihood is that your request will not be granted, but rather, the points will be awarded to the Expert who makes the suggestion. In your Community Support request, remember to post a link to the original question.

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