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Can anyone give me some advice about recruiting an expert online marketeer to get our company the best possible exposure within the overseas property investment industry.  Ideally we want someone based in the UK who is able to unerstand our objectives and target market and position us accordingly.  There are such an array of firms out there all offering great results for ridiculous sums of money that I don't know where to start.  Hope this is in the right section!
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hankknightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As a business to business venture, you face a unique set of issues.  Things like "banner" ads might return some traffic (although very litle) but not the traffic you want.  The fact that you are tageting an "overseas" market complicates things even more.  So, anything that anyone tells you to do (including myself) is mearly speculation.

That said, I have found a proven method that has worked for me on many very different projects: find a company that has succesfully entered the market you wish to target and copy thier method.  You will be surprised how much successful people like to brag.
11Edward23 -

Does the company already have a website?

- duz

e-strategystConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well I would like to recommend They are well known in our industry and maybe you can get reasonable price for your work.

let me know what really you are looking.

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11Edward23Author Commented:
Although iprospect look like an excellent firm but appear to be charging absurd amounts of money for their services. I guess our small budget is going to be pretty restrictive.
11Edward23 -

>I guess our small budget is going to be pretty restrictive

Who knows? Unless you give us some more information (which is why I asked if you already have a website) otherwise you will get answers like "Use company X they are great..." which is not very helpful.

- duz

ChipM0nk JGConnect With a Mentor LeaderCommented:

As an expat whose worked in Europe for several years and has hired (and fired) here throughout the last decade, I have found that it's really a case of "if you want something done right, do it yourself" when it comes to finding and hiring qualified people.

If you're looking for a head-hunter, there are several that I have dealt with - always on a no-cure no-pay basis, not on a retainer basis.  But I have never had any success with them - basically they all want me to pony up a couple grand before they begin an active search for a profile.  Basically, I've decided that they are not worth the effort and are best left to big companies that have lots of shareholder capital to waste on this nonsense.

Networking doesn't seem to work too well, unless you don't mind nepotism and payback favours being involved with the candidate and the network (individuals) that made your connection.

I have had the best results from Monster. or the other sites.  I have used monster for several European searches (France, UK, Belgium, etc) and have always received many relevant CVs (resumes in U.S. speak) quite quickly.

There is a cost, but it is not too high and there will be no 'headhunter' fees or other mumbo jumbo to deal with.

If you're looking for a commission based scheme, have a look at Commission Junction.  They are based in the U.S., but serve world wide and you'd have the advantage of contracts that remain enforcable in the U.S.  It looks expensive at first, but if you actually are doing business online, it should not be more than a few pennies on the dollar of your overall turnover.

11Edward23Author Commented:
Thanks for such a in deph response Chipm0nk.  I'll have a look at  Basically I'm sick of outsourcing stuff and just want someone I can sit over a desk from and say 'this is what I want, make it happen!'  
DelacourtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to have your objectives and target market already defined:

Once done, you could hire someone to do it locally full time, or once every two weeks, reporting back to you on certain items, i.e.
rankings, traffic, people who actually enquire on your site:

Alternatively, get yourself a version of clicktracks ( visual tool for you to track website visitors according to all the above and more
Check for the most relevant search terms
And get someone develop your site according to the search terms and your target market and objectives: Monitor it yourself as this is the new frontier -> you know how you market your business in print, now watch and learn how you do it virtually ~

Make sure the person you hire to design/redesign your site can show you examples of sites they have done for specific searches and markets and where they rank on the engines

Just my two cents worth
search for "camps bay" on google / "camps bay hotels" / "camps bay 'anything'" and you will see the same site listed up above !
Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Is your targeted region only the UK, or is that where you intend to start?
Hey there,

A really cheap and efficient way of doing it is to ask me!   ;)

- only kidding, ... I reccomend checking out your nearest university  and seeing if it has a computer science department.  I specialised in search engines and information retrieval and often got asked to do some seo work, which was good for my poor student bank account and cheap for clients.
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