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URGENT! How to connect from Midlet via IrDA (COMM,USB,Socket) to application ?


 I have some questions about cell phone developement:

1) How to connect from MidLet (Java application) via IrDA (COMM,USB,Socket), BlueTooth and cable to PC application ?
2) How to create and use WebService from MidLet and connect to application based server ?
3) How to transfer user binary data (stored via RMS) using mentioned connections to application ?

Note: I've no idea, share any thoughts you'll find related to any part of any question, don't be shy :) and please provide me with some examples..


JBuilder X Enterprise (MidLet side)
Delphi 7 Architect - update #1 (Application side)
J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0.01
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1 Solution
1) There's no way to do this using standard J2ME MIDlets.  If you have a specific device in mind, there may be proprietary APIs that are available to do some of these (possibly IR, Socket and Bluetooth).

2) Have a look at this article to see if it helps: http://developers.sun.com/techtopics/mobility/apis/articles/wsa/

If not, please ask for clarifications.

3) You need to identify the connection type you're going to use before this can be answered, but if you can use HTTP (ie. over the network, not a cable), then you could just use an HTTP post.
_Katka_Author Commented:
Thanks for fast reply :)

1) Unfortunately, I was partialy aware that it won't be unified..How you some links to those APIs ? Are there any examples available (this should be helpful) ?
2) I read, I unsderstood and it's enough (mostly because of examples :) to implement it for myself..thanks again (considered solved)
3) Well..Right now it's chosen by user in Midlet's "settings" menu (preffered connection type)..there's problem mainly with initiating transfer (of user-data) via IrDA,
    BlueTooth or WinSockets..again, example (or at least command listing) would be appreciated..


I'm planning to make my application (company product module) on these devices (practically all possible devices I can).
The only constraint is that the device has to be able support Java applications:

Sony Erricson

additionally PalmOS devices (not related to this question and maybe completely out of the question right now :)

Kate :)
You should become a member for the developer areas for each of the appropriate sites and then check to see what their individual toolkits provide:

Nokia : http://www.forum.nokia.com/main.html
Siemens : https://communication-market.siemens.de/portal/main.aspx?pid=1
Samsung : Not sure, but try their main site to start with.
Sony Erricson : http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/home/p_home.jsp
Motorola : http://www.motocoder.com/motorola/pcsHome.jsp

You're almost certainly going to need to create different code bases for each of the manufacturers and possibly even for different devices from those manufacturers.
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_Katka_Author Commented:
Yeah..I already knew that..I'm a member of all developer areas (especially for Nokia, it's a pretty hard job to download all the kits) now it takes about 2.5GB (relatively
huge). Also I'd download the most of IrDA specifications (universal, manufacturer's special guides, etc.). So the informations really isn't much of a problem. The real
problem is that those development kits aren't supporting IrDA directly (IrDAConnect class,USBConnect,etc. ;) so it's pretty unclear how to implement it. So the example
would be really appreciated. (At least for one manufacturer/one model). Anyway.. I'm pretty sure how to build a java application midlet for all of those (and acually it's
running pretty well on all mentioned devices). The questions are:

Is it possible that there's no example of transfering user-data from win32 application <-> java application midlet ?
Is it possible that noone knows how to achieve it ?

Kate :)

I'd stick with Bluetooth if you can.  The manufacturers seem to be dropping IR in favour of Bluetooth (note that I have no firm evidence of this, it's just the impression I get from recent handset specs).  Also, Bluetooth support is growing and APIs have been defined for it's use.  There are no APIs, that I am aware of, for serial connections within MIDlets.
_Katka_Author Commented:
You're absolutely right, but this is considered an order (from my boss), he's in fact a manager and he don't understand to these facts.. He simply wants and that's it.. I personally would always prefer Bluetooth in combination with Web Service (server side provided by us, more $). This product is targeted to employes (online workflow manager) and Bluetooth is not always available for the most of them and he has a vision of employees returning to their computers, pressing a button and synchronizing all the work done today with the main database, the reality rest is on me :(

The remaining question is how to initiate and process a user-data transfer (in both directions) via cell phone IrDA ?

thanks so far
Kate :)
_Katka_Author Commented:
I'm giving up.. I consider it impossible..

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