Outlook 2000 - Multiple Exchange Server emails


I am restoring a computer at my company and want to show two seperate email accounts in Outlook connecting at the same exchange server. This was the way this employee was setup before.

How do I setup the second exchange server email account in outllook 2000?


Chris B
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PhilipCreweConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to go into Exchange Properties, and in there the second tab (I think, from memory) gives you the ability to add another mailbox into the account and display it. I will take a look at the name of the tabe when I get in front of my other machine, but it could just be something like "advanced" or "additional mailboxes". There are only four tabs, and its at the top of one of them!!

It displays the second account in the same folder structure as the main one. I guess that is what you want?

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