What does " symbol __floatdisf: referenced symbol not found..." mean?

Posted on 2004-07-30
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
I currently have this question open on here:

I try to start Apache and I get this Error:

# ./apachectl start
Syntax error on line 255 of /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/2.0.50/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/2.0.50/modules/ into server: /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/2.0.50/bin/httpd: fatal: relocation error: file /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/2.0.50/modules/ symbol __floatdisf: referenced symbol not found

When I remark this line in the httpd.conf file, the apache starts up.
LoadModule status_module modules/

I need some help on how to diagnose this error.

# uname -a
SunOS hostname 5.8 Generic_117350-02 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4


Question by:tdsimpso
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ID: 11679814

Author Comment

ID: 11680938
I read a lot of these post but I don't really know what to do about it know.  Could you advise and help along to diagnose this?

I believe I need to statically link the  How do I do that?


Author Comment

ID: 11681000
In the following configure command, what does "--enable-rule=SHARED_CORE" mean?

 ./configure \
 "--with-layout=Web" \
 "--enable-module=rewrite" \
 "--enable-module=ssl" \
 "--enable-module=proxy" \
 "--enable-shared=max" \

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ID: 11681049
Would I set


Hmmm.  I a little bit confused.

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ID: 11681241
Hmm, can you recompile Apache with Sun's C compiler?

Author Comment

ID: 11681537
I don't have Sun's C compiler.  
I am using gcc.

I changed LDFLAGS to:

luna@hostname>echo $LDFLAGS

Now I am getting this during the make process:

*** Warning: Linking the shared library against the
*** static library /global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/3.4.1/libgcc.a is not portable!
ar: /global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/3.4.1/libgcc.a is in archive format - embedded archives are not allowed
ar: /global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/3.4.1/libgcc.a is in archive format - embedded archives are not allowed
make[3]: Leaving directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/mappers'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/mappers'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules'
Making all in support
make[1]: Entering directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/support'
make[2]: Entering directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/support'
/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode=compile /global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/bin/gcc  -g -O2 -pthreads    -DSOLARIS2=8 -D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS -D_REENTRANT -DAP_HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER   -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/lib -I. -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/os/unix -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/server/mpm/worker -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/http -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/filters -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/proxy -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/generators -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/server -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/openssl/0.9.7d/include/openssl -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/openssl/0.9.7d/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/dav/main -prefer-non-pic -static -c htpasswd.c && touch htpasswd.lo
/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode=link /global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/bin/gcc  -g -O2 -pthreads    -DSOLARIS2=8 -D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS -D_REENTRANT -DAP_HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER   -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/lib -I. -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/os/unix -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/server/mpm/worker -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/http -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/filters -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/proxy -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/generators -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/server -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/openssl/0.9.7d/include/openssl -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/openssl/0.9.7d/include -I/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/modules/dav/main -export-dynamic -L/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/lib -L/global/lunadg/d01/app/openssl/0.9.7d/lib -R/global/lunadg/d01/app/openssl/0.9.7d/lib  /global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/3.4.1/libgcc.a -o htpasswd  htpasswd.lo   -lssl -lcrypto /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/pcre/ /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/ /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/lib/ -liconv /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr/ -lsendfile -lrt -lm -lsocket -lnsl -lresolv -lpthread -ldl
ld: elf error: file /global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/srclib/apr-util/.libs/libaprutil-0.a: elf_begin: Format error: archive fmag
ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to htpasswd
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [htpasswd] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/support'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/global/lunadg/d01/app/apache2/src/httpd-2.0.50/support'
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

Any ideas?

Author Comment

ID: 11681635
Oh, I found this:

It says:

There are a few possible solutions to this:
1) Rebuild gcc to use the gnu assembler from the gnu utils package.
2) Rebuild gcc to pass the proper implicit paths to the Solaris linker, specifically the path to libgcc.a
3) (Quick Workaround) Simply add the following output to your LDFLAGS variable before running configure:
`gcc -print-libgcc-file-name`

This appears to be the same problem I am having, I just don't know how to go about fixing it.   :-(

Any ideas?


Author Comment

ID: 11681708
Oh, and I did number three and I got the error listed above.

export LDFLAGS=/global/lunadg/d01/usr/gcc-3.4.1/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/3.4.1/libgcc.a


Author Comment

ID: 11685694
Here is something I found that might be helpful, but I can't make much sense of it.  Can any of you?
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Accepted Solution

yuzh earned 300 total points
ID: 11690543
I have not used gcc3.4.1 to build a webserver myself. The last time I built a web server was 5 months
ago, using GUN gcc3.3.2 + zlib +_ libgcc + glib + openssl + libtool + libiconv +autoconf + automake +
flex + boson, then add MySQL, php ....etc.

You need to set PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use all the tools & libs in the packages.

then run configure.

BTW, apache-2.0.50 binary package with ssl support is available in :

If you don't like the default installation, have a look at:

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Assisted Solution

ahoffmann earned 200 total points
ID: 11692454
set a propper LD_LIBRARY_PATH before starting httpd
it needs to contain a path to libgcc.a or

or go with yuzh's suggestion

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