Updated the past due calendar items offline, they did not synchronize back to network

One of my users updated his calendar items offline.  He updated both past due and future items.  However, when he connected back to network.  Outlook only synchronize the future items.  All the update for the past due items were not there.  How should I go about troubleshooting this problem?  Any fix?

System information:
Office/Outlook XP SP1
Exchange 5.5
Roaming Profile
Outlook synchronization is setup for offline
OST size is around 1 GB
Active Directory

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jsugiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interesting, when you go back online its suppose to sync everything back.  I was playing around with it and I had no problem synchronizing past and future events.  I will try and play with this more later.
can you create a pst file then import back in the calendar when he is on the network again.
et73Author Commented:
He concerns is more towards why this is happening and how can we fix it instead of a workaround.

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