ERROR: None of your mail server(s) seem to have reverse DNS (PTR)

i run basic webserver from home using Redhat linux
i question is i have just started to use  for my dns service i also use as well.
when i dns report on the three url i have with security space i get  ERROR: None of your mail server(s) seem to have reverse DNS (PTR)

but all my url's from are fine i have no problem with connecting to my mail servers.

i am not sure if the error is with securityspace or do i have to setup reverse DNS entry on my home server.
i have never setup dns stuff thats why i have always used dns server to host all my dns to redirect back to home server.
can some please advise me as i am not sure it i have too do
all the best
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to understand that in-addr authority for netblocks delegated to service providers and holders of portable IP blocks. Only those organizations that hold in-addr authority for a netblock can provide reverse lookup records for IP's. In most cases this will be you ISP and they'll generally be willing, perhaps for a small fee, to host the forward and reverse records for commercial customers. They are usually unwilling to host either for residential (dial up type) customers.

Since you are using the services of I'd guess that you are a residential customer and probably won't be able to get your service provider to host the reverse lookup records for your domain(s). The ramifications of this for a mail server is that a number of Internet mail servers will refuse mail from a server whose IP doesn't resolve to a valid domain or that doesnt resolve to the same domain as what your mail server claims to be. Hence the warning from
DarrennewAuthor Commented:
THank You for your post i did not really understand but i do now it strange that four of my domains i have with are ok and i get no errors but the three domains i have with as this problem, thats what i could not get my head around.

All the best Darren
Do the domains hosted by point to IP's from a dfferent provider than those hosted by
DarrennewAuthor Commented:
my mistake i did point mail.searchbulldog to an ip address so cant be resolved
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