Allow basic HTML formating in a text area of a form.


I'm writing a content managment system for a company. Part of that is an article management system. My issue is, the text area where the article is placed does not preserve any formating, therefore, a user has to write HTML code and paste it into the text area in order to preserve formating.

Is there any simple RTF editor (not too complicated) that can go in place?

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ingomarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interactive tools has a free editor that has the basics  What language are you writing the CMS in? If you're writing in ASP, ACE  content editor ( or InnovaStudio ( is the way to go.  They are very similar and both allow copying and pasting from Microsoft Word.
gregorilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you  want to do a cut and past from other document, I don't have any solution, but if you want an editor with formatting command you can use   a wysiwyg editor as Htmlarea.  For reference see

Hope this solve your problem!

kalmenAuthor Commented:
Actually, htmlarea was perfect for me. I was writing my code using PHP, so it was ideal for me. Thank you very much, my problems are solved.
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