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Hi all,

I am looking for a software firewall to install on servers. I need to get each server to have only one port opend on one network card, and all ports opened on the other network card. here is a link to an image that shows the network layout:

you will notice the Red Cables, going to a Gigabit Switch, and that should only be for backups, but it will open the network if I will not have a softeware firewall installed on those servers.
is there a software that I can install on a server, which will give me a control over the traffic to either one of the network cards?
thanks a experts.
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It is supposed to be adapter specific.
What OS are you running on the servers? Windows 2003 also has built-in firewall.
As long as your Gigabit LAN is a different subnet with no routing between, why are you concerned about locking down that traffic? It's safe anyway...

> is there a software that I can install on a server, which will give me a control over the traffic
# and much, much more ...
Tim HolmanCommented:
Nice diagram..  would look better with straight lines though, bit of a technicolour arachnid gone wrong at the moment !  :)

What server platform do you use ?

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mjalmassudAuthor Commented:
WIndows 2000 and 2003.

thanks tim holman
I don't think the diagram would like as good with straight lines... just my opinion.

Here are some personal firewalls, but they are not as configurable as iptables. However, they work on W2k & w2k3

>  WIndows 2000 and 2003.
and a firewall on each server ... then you end up in a personal firewall on each of them
Tim HolmanCommented:
I would recommend a hardware firewall rather than a software one in a high performance environment.  Software firewalls will just slow things down.
Also take a look at if server integrity is what you're looking for.
Why not just use the built-in packet filtering capabilites of Win2k and Win2k3?
Check out TCP/IP properties of the NIC that you want to filter, Advanced tab, Options You can setup the filter there.
mjalmassudAuthor Commented:

I tried that and it filters both network cards, which not what I am looking for.

thanks though
From a complete security standpoint I agree with Tim Holman. A hardware firewall is best. Software firewalls are suseptible to hacks on their own. Just check ICAT for a list of vulnerabilities.

1 Using windows for any type of security is like letting patching your boat with a screen door. The entire hacking community targets them. (see icat).

2 You need some sort of firewall (preferably one that can monitor traffic and monitor against DOS attacks and the like) such as I-policy Networks and others.

This may be a little off the primary subject of your subnet, but I still believe there should always be some sore of controls on your entire network to protect for all possible vulnerabilities. Down time costs a lot of money....

Take care..

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