warning "name in zip file repeated"

I have 04 foders that I want to zip into one folder
wzzip  c:\backup\07302004\ClsTucUs07302004.zip  c:\backup\07302004\clsinc07302004  c:\backup\07302004\clsshare07302004  c:\backup\07302004\tuc07302004  c:\backup\07302004\users07302004

when I run this batch file the following error shows up:
warning "name in zip file repeated"

warninig " First Full name: c:\backup\07302004\clsshare07302004\cls.dbf"
warninig " Second  Full name: c:\backup\07302004\clsinc07302004\cls.dbf"

So, is there anyway to add a switch either to overwrite or ignore the cls.dbf file ???

Any help?

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samishraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It shopuld have worked. Anyways, you can try combining it with the r option as in

wzzip -rp c:\backup\07302004\ClsTucUs07302004.zip  c:\backup\07302004\clsinc07302004  c:\backup\07302004\clsshare07302004  c:\backup\07302004\tuc07302004  c:\backup\07302004\users07302004

Hope I have been of some help.
Instead of the above command try using the -p option, like this :

wzzip -p c:\backup\07302004\ClsTucUs07302004.zip  c:\backup\07302004\clsinc07302004  c:\backup\07302004\clsshare07302004  c:\backup\07302004\tuc07302004  c:\backup\07302004\users07302004

There is a difference in the case of the options. You should use the small p. There are more options that you can use like recursing subfolders, try -r

You can get a list of all these option in the wzzip help file. try the command wzzip /?

Hope I have been of some help.
I agree with samishra about recursing subdirs...

Don't use this program but all archive utils work more or less the same (commmand-line wise anyway). There should be an option to ignore all errors, assume 'y' on all questions (use if asked to continue after error), or even for overwriting existing files (although normally only in combination with the update/freshen archive switch).
The best way would be to use the recurse subdirs. This will save the directory structure of the folders below the one you want to backup. Remember: in windows you would'nt be able to use the same filename twice in one folder either!

hope this helps,

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ChuckbuchanAuthor Commented:
None of the switches above have solved the problem.
I do have objections. Why has the Delete request been made? I think we have provided valid responses which have surely helped the user. Or he would (and should) have posted otherwise. I think I should be awarded points.

Hope I was not too rude.. :-)
Thank you, CetusMOD
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