How do I burn BIN/CUE files to DVD so it will play on my DVD player


I'm sorry if this question has been asked 100 times before, but I have searched for it and I don't think I've found an answer I've been looking for. Anyways, I'm trying to burn a movie to DVD, I was told that if I were to burn a bin/cue file to CD it would work, but it doesn't work for DVD.

Is there some specific disc I'm meant to use? Or is there some step I'm missing. All I'm looking for is a step by step guide on how to do this.

By the way I'm using Nero 6 and am open to suggestions for other apps that will make this work.

Many thanks,

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acsevenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, not a newbie question, as we don't have newbie questions at EE, just plain questions ;)

Check the resolution of the video files (like 352x184). For that open the Video in Windows Media Player, Go to File, Properties, check Video Size.
check here for determining what type of vid file you have (remember that it could be SVCD!):

So, the mpg's are probably MPG1. This way, you continue to have two options, both *should* work on any common DVD player:
  1) put video in DVD;
  2) put video in VCD (normal CD);
  3) put video in SVCD (normal CD);

Howto's (for SVCD and DVD you need the MPEG2 nero plugin):

  1) If u have nerovision express, just select DVD video, and drag the mpg's to the time line. You should see
  2) to make a VCD out of the mpg's, open NeroExpress > Video > Video CD
  3) to make a SVCD out of the mpg's, open NeroExpress > Video > Super Video CD

If you have any doubt, just check back with us ;)

try this:
// open NeroSmartStart, select DVD,
// open Nero Express (or click Burn Image to disc)
// browse to the folder where you have the file
// in the Files of type dropdown boxselect Images of Type (*.nrg, *.iso, *.cue)
// select the CUE file of the DVD

doesn't that work?
what is the file size, by the way?
if it's about 700mb, then you have a video file inside of the BIN. For using it in a normal DVD player you have to convert that file to DVD video, for that you can use Nero (with the mpg2 codec, and nerovision express). If so open the bin with, copy it out to disk and then use nero. Or use a tool like Nero Imagedrive to mount the bin as a virtual CD/DVD drive.

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one more point to add. if the file is in the KVCD format (a reverse engineered VCD format) then u will be able to burn it even if it is 800 megs onto a 700 meg CD (but since ur using DVD that prob doesnt affect u). Just make sure to check the option that allows you to "overburn" the CD/DVD in the options menu.
stephen_constantineAuthor Commented:
acseven - When I go to select the cue file it takes up 750megs or so, but it looks like it wants to copy on to a CD which defeats the purpose of having a DVD burner, don't you think?

andrey_2007 - Same thing applies, I want to have the full movie on 1 DVD and not spread over 2 CDs.

Is there any sort of correct Disc I should be using by any chance? Theres nothing I'm missing out on is there?

I've also heard if I mount the files in Daemon Tools and then copy it, that would work? But if the folders that contain the data are the same, how do you copy it over onto 1 DVD disc?
That isn't a dvd it is a CD. So, if you want it on video DVD, you'll have to convert the video files inside to DVD.

To open the .bin just use If the file inside is smtg like an AVI, just copy it out (*), and put it in nerovision express. it'll convert it to dvd.

if it's a VCD, then you can burn directly to cd, and you'll be able to see it on your normal DVD player, because most dvd players read VCDs. reconverting this to DVD will not result in quality enhancement, it could be just the opposite...

(*) Or save the .bin as .iso, and use Nero Imagedrive to mount the .ISO (.bin is not supported by imagedrive); OR try either alcohol 120% or Daemon tools, that read/mout bin images.
stephen_constantineAuthor Commented:

acseven - The files in bin are .mpg's so do I burn just the two files to DVD? Is there any conversion needed? I know this may seem like a newbie question (and it probably is) but I don't want to waste all this time in burning DVDs that don't actually work.

Thanks again.
ashishdagaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's VERY easy. Here is how it works:
In Nero, go to File -> Burn Image.
Find the *.bin file that you want to burn and open it. Then you'll get a window that says: "Foreign image settings"
These are the settings:
Type of image: leave that unchanged to Data Mode 1;
Then, very important, select the Raw Data check box. When you do that the Block Size (which is one line below) changes automatically from 2048 to 2352.
That's all! Leave Image Header and Image Trailer unchanged and set to 0. "Scrambled" and "Swapped" check boxes should remain UNchecked as well.
Let me know if you need more help, but I am sure with detailed instructions like these you will burn bin files without problems!
Take care!
Maybe I missed something here...but if you have MPG's in those bin/cue sets, it was likely encoded to SVCD or VCD format, both of which aren't ready for a true DVD. depending on the format, the audio will almost certainly need to be re-encoded (which can lead to audio that is not in sync) and the resoltion of the video may need to be fixed.

If that is indeed the case, your DVD player *may* be able to play the MPG's straight from the DVD (I know mine can). If it can't though, you'll need to import the files into something like DVD-Lab ( ) which will adjust the resolution and audio to fit the DVD specification. The app will also let you auto-create chapter points and menus if you so desire.
You have two quick solutions, if you want 1 dvd and not two or more cd's:

1. If you want video dvd you must reencode and author the streams (it's a quick solution but it could least hours :-) ).

2. Put both mpeg files on a data dvd. To play it without pause, create different playlist for diferrent players. When you want to play the movie, launch the playlist.

2a. Burn the two mpeg files on dvd and don't care about playlist.

The first solution give you the posibility of playing the movie on standalone dvd player.

The second asks for a computer to play the movie.

You can test the second solution burning a dvd image and loading it with Nero Image Drive, to see if the movie is playable. If you like the result, burn the image on a dvd and that's all, folks!
If you goto Http:// you will find a super,  free program that will strip a Dual Layer DVD and fit it onto a single layer DVD +R blank. As alot of new movies are dual layer some loss of quality may be noticed but the program gives the options of deleting the extras, subtitles or languages to increase quality.
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for cue/bin what i have found is that if i use vcdgear and extract the mpeg then i can use any dvd authoring software select the mpeg and burn away
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