Transfering Theme files and configuring a dial-up modem

I would like to tranfer the themes in Windows 98 to Windows XP.  How do I do this?  

I would like to install the Internet on Windows 98SE.  I have a dial-up modem which is not used and I have a cable modem installed on the D drive.  How do I configure the dialup modem so it works on the C drive so as to install the Internet?  P.S. I have a dual boot Win 98SE on the C drive and Win XP on the D drive.  

Thank you.  

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Also ThemeDoctor
My usual haunt for problems like this.
Check this out. I don't think you can transfer themes though.

visual aid

HOW TO: Use Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP;en-us;293118
And migration utilities

* denotes PC magazines pick as the best in its class

      Migration Utilities
By Sheryl Canter
Reviews By PC Magazine June 17, 2003
You've spent a lot of time configuring your PC to be just the way you want it, only to find that when you buy a new computer you have to start all over again. Migration utilities can help bring a familiar feel to your new machine by moving your application and system settings, even if the versions don't match. Some can even move your programs for you.

Alohabob PC Relocato
Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control ($69.95) is the way to go if you want to move entire programs. It lists the applications on your hard drive, rating the likelihood of successfully moving each.

*Desktop DNA
Desktop DNA Professional 4.5 ($39, or $49 with Ethernet crossover cable) is preconfigured to transfer the settings of more than 80 applications. It doesn't move the applications themselves, but it does a good job of transferring settings between versions of software. Unless you must move applications, we recommend this user-friendly program.

Instead of simply copying, IntelliMover 3.0 ($49.95) attempts to transfer settings intelligently—for instance, translating Registry keys to their updated equivalents in systems with new OSs. The company uses similar technology in its Move2Mac (a tool for migrating between PCs and Macs).

Move Me
Move Me 2.3 may be a new name for many readers, but you might know the app's other incarnation: PC Upgrade Commander, from V Communications—which is still selling its version of the product, but only until the end of this year ( Move Me 2.3 is now offered by the original developer, Spearit Software, at $19.95 per migration. Serial numbers are validated on the Internet in real time, so the source computer must be connected to the Internet.

Personality Tranxport Professional
The single-user version of Personality Tranxport Professional 3.2 ($39.95) is identical to the multiuser version, with the same tools for migrating to many systems at once; you also can transfer multiple users on a system at the same time. This is the only tool we saw with these options. While these are handy (especially as multiuser configurations become more common under Windows XP's Fast User Switching), the program is clearly designed with the business user in mind.

not reviewed by PC Magazine

PC Upgrade Commander

Acronis MigrateEasy

XP has a built in migration tool but I think it is for moving settings from XP rather then to XP
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

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Hehehe I just notice it was you webdziner. Longtime since I have interacted with you.

To tell you the truth I don't think Win98 Themes are compatible with XP. XP is a whole different beast. What ever resemblance it has to Win98 is on the surface but under the hood they are vastly different.
webdzinerAuthor Commented:
CrazyOne:  Thanks for the links and information for the themes. Would you know what I would do to configure my dialup modem to work on Win 98 to setup the Internet.  Please see the second part of my question.

Thank you.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
webdziner, thanks for the points.  Why do you want to configure Win98 to use your dialup modem? It is almost certainly able to use the cable modem if you prefer, you just need the right drivers, the same is true of your dial up card, you'll need to identify what make/model to get it working at its best.
webdzinerAuthor Commented:
I want to configure a dial up modem so I can run the Internet to use another ISP on Win 98SE in case Comcast takes some time after a power outage to get their Internet service up and running.  Do I go to the manufacturer's website to locate the drivers for the dial-up modem?
Yeah you were a little to quick to accept an answer check my first two comments please
webdzinerAuthor Commented:
CrazyOne I have read your first two comments.  I would like to configure a dialup modem in Win98SE.  These links appear to be for file and settings transfers.  I want to know how to configure the modem.  Do I go to the manufacturer's website, of the modem to locate the drivers for the dialup modem?  Which one of the links that you mentioned would I use to configure the modem?

webdzinerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help CrazyOne.
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