ISA Server and Satalite configration ?!

i have subscribed in internet by satalite one way(download only) upload via dialup.. company name is OpenSky..
i don't know how to configure the ISA Server and insert the satalite proxy on ISA Server .. !?? !!
if you have info about thiis please tell me :)
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ChipM0nk JGConnect With a Mentor LeaderCommented:
First - you should install ISA SP2 if you haven't already.

Then, you need to configure your ISA server to chain the proxy as an Upstream server.  

This is a tricky configuration and it may cause problems in the incoming data stream.  See:;EN-US;317822 for some important info on this subject.

Theoretically (I never tried this), another way to set up your system would be to configure persistent routes using the ROUTE.EXE command line tool.  You can type ROUTE Print at the prompt in order to see your routing table.  You will need to add a default route with the smallest metric for your upstream proxy.
3ezzAuthor Commented:
where are the experts ?
3ezzAuthor Commented:
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3ezzAuthor Commented:
i think i havn'e ISA SP2 .. is it necessery ? ??  
i did the previous but.. no thing new !
ChipM0nk JGLeaderCommented:
Did you configure your satproxy as the upstream proxy for the ISA server and install the modem and the DVB receiver on the ISA server?

If you did all that, then it should work just fine...  
3ezzAuthor Commented:
thank you ...
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