how to Resize a Hard Drive

Hi all

I have a live server that is in production. It has one hard drive, and is divided in to two partitions, one of them is C: and the other one is F:

I am trying to expand C: to make all the drive one partition (C: only) without having to format or lose data.
It's running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

Any idea on something like software that would do it for me?

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 A software program that I've used alot is Partition Expert for server 2003, I've used it to resize partitions, move partitions on server 2003 with no data loss. It's alot like partition magic.

Good Luck
Or you can use QTParted - I know it's part of Knoppix 3.4.

It's actually quite easy to use. I've used it to resize both MS and Unix partititions without any adverse reactions.

You can use Partition Magic to do it also.
Yeah partition magic without a doubt.  A fanstasic piece of software!!!
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A production server?
Back up, run fdisk and format and reinstall the O/S. Nothing beats a clean start and you shouldn't attempt any third-party software without the backup anyway.
yup fdisk is the best :)
Hey "Experts" Pay attention. The question clearly says SERVER.
Partion Magic will not fuction on SERVERS.

And I agree before attemping a partition sizing BACKUP. And even more important BE SURE YOUARE ABLE TO RESTORE FROM THAT BACKUP. I have a seen a lot of backups that do not work when needed.
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