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Can't Install 2nd Hard Drive. "Service does not exist as an installed service."

Running Windows XP SP-1

I'm have some system-wide failures that are preventing important applications from running properly.  I've tried to include only the essential information. Thank you for helping me resolve these issues.

The most recent activity on my system was, today, to install the latest Windows IE Update. Then, I physically installed a Western Digital WD800 80GB hard drive.  After receiving an error during the Hardware Wizard, I installed and ran Western Digital's setup software CD that comes with the drive.  This did nothing productive.  Prior to that, a few days ago I installed a Logitech wireless keyboard and a Gyration wireless air-mouse.  A few days before that, I installed Nero  

No problems were apparent until I tried to run Norton Ghost 2003 to clone my hard drive.  (I believe I had simply ignored the hard drive install error.)

A)   Hard Drive - Hardware Wizard Error.
This error occurs when upon bootup, windows detects the new device.
"An error occurred during the installation of the device.  The specified service does not exist as an installed service.  WDC WD800JB-00ETA0"

"The drive model you entered is an EIDE/SATA drive Mode.  There are no open positions for adding a new EIDE/SATA drive to your system.  If you wish to add an EIDE/SATA drive, you must first shut down and remove one of your existing EIDE/SATA devices."

I physically uninstalled the drive, rebooted.  Shutdown, re-installed the drive.  Still get the Hrdwr Wzrd error.  The second part of the message, about 'no open EIDE positons' however, no longer appears.

Had no problems installing two drives up until the last time I did so, a couple weeks ago.

B)   When attempting to run Ghost 2003:
1.  'Found New Hardware Wizard' appears once each for wireless mouse and keyboard.  When running the Hrdwr Wzrd, both display the error message:

"An error occurred during the installation of the device. The Service database is locked."  

Interestingly, the Hardware Wizards did not appear prior to running Ghost, today, and even then, not until I had run Clone Disk for the third or fourth time.  The mouse and keyboard are working 'installed' just fine. This message only affects the Ghost app.

2.  After exiting the Hrdwr Wzrd, the Norton Ghost error message dialog appears:
"The task could not be started because the following file could not be found:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Symantec\Ghost\template\common\ pcdos\ibmbio.com."

3.  FYI:  In the 'Clone Wizard' Advanced Settings -> External Storage Tab, the default indicates there are no USB drivers.  The USB 1.0 selection is gray'd out.  When I re-open the Wizard dialog, however, USB 1.0 is now selectable.  Selecting it does not seem to benefit at all.

C)   Windows Installer Failure
So, I naturally tried to Re-Install Norton Ghost from the Norton System Works Pro CD.
1.  Windows Installer Dialog Box appears with the error message:

"The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."

What I've Already Attempted --
1.  Removed USB 2.0 PCI adapter card and software / drivers.
2.  Uninstalled Gyration Software and removed USB connection to the receiver unit.
3.  Removed the Wireless Keyboard.
4.  Ran:  'sfc /scannow'  to restore all windows drivers and DLL's.
5.  C: Drive | Properties | Security | 'Users' -> Full Control.

What can I do to allow my second hard drive to install?  
How do I fix the Windows Installer problem so I can re-install Norton SW Pro?
Jerry L
Jerry L
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Bart van der WeeCommented:
From within Computer Management -> Device Manager select View -> show hidden devices

If there are any 'non-plug and play drivers' with yellow excalmation points uninstall them

Otherwise a reinstall should sort it out - sounds like the Windows Installer service got stuffed up with the removal of the drivers etc.
Jerry LAuthor Commented:
From what I've seen in the postings at EE and elsewhere, there can be major problems when attempting a re-install of the XP OS.  Can you suggest safeguards?  

I am surprised to only receive one response to my original inquiry.  Perhaps it is too long or not specific enough to one problem.   I may simply re-post in a different format if no other replies are submitted.
Bart van der WeeCommented:
In my experience to re-install over the top of an existing XP install is far less problematic than any previous operating system.
Use the Files and settings transfer wizard to make a copy of your user profile. Boot off the Windows XP CD and start the Setup process and when given the first option to repair or setup choose repair, setup will then detect that you have XP already installed and offer the option to repair existing - choose that option.

Jerry LAuthor Commented:
It turns out, from what I've read elsewhere, that a re-install is what is called for.  Thank you vanderwee for your solution.

BTW: My backup regimen has paid off.  I have been cloning my system using Ghost to seperate hard drives.  The one from a month ago is also corrupt!  but two months ago is good -- I can install multiple hard drives as well as re-install my Ghost software.  So, as a precaution prior to re-install, I will be able to clone the current drive with the 'corrupt' system on it to another drive to serve as a fail-safe backup.  

You can also refer to my parallel submission, Q_21079619.html, for more details about doing an XP re-install.
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