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Trying to get a 1ENET card to work in a Cisco 1720

Posted on 2004-08-01
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I am trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to get a 1ENET card to work in a 1720 router.

Here's the start of a show tech-support:
Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
IOS (tm) C1700 Software (C1700-Y-M), Version 12.1(3), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Copyright (c) 1986-2000 by cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Wed 05-Jul-00 17:07 by cmong
Image text-base: 0x80008088, data-base: 0x805CDB90

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(3)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

1720 uptime is 16 minutes
System returned to ROM by reload
System restarted at 19:03:17 UTC Sun Aug 1 2004
System image file is "flash:c1700-y-mz.121-3.bin"

cisco 1720 (MPC860) processor (revision 0x601) with 26215K/6553K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID JAD05020C5X (4087578832), with hardware revision 0000
M860 processor: part number 0, mask 32
Bridging software.
X.25 software, Version 3.0.0.
32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

Configuration register is 0x142

and here is the part about the card in WIC0:
      WIC Slot 0:
      Unknown WAN daughter card
      Hardware revision 64.0      Board revision G0
      Serial number     0960561920      Part number    130-18710-165
      Test history      0x03            RMA number     66-65-48
      Connector type    PCI
      EEPROM format version 4
      EEPROM contents (hex):
      0x20:      04 FF 40 00 39 41 03 00 82 49 16 A5 03 42 41 30
      0x30:      80 00 00 00 00 02 02 C1 8B 56 4D 53 30 36 31 38

Is there a way to make this stuff work together?

Question by:studios
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Accepted Solution

bfarmer earned 2000 total points
ID: 11690695
The WIC-1ENET are relatively recent cards.  You need to upgrade your IOS.

12.3T                 Early Deployment          View                 View         
      View             32       8       N/A             12.3(2)T7
c1700-y-mz.123-2.T7       12.3(2)T7       N/A
12.3             Limited Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.3(1a)
c1700-y-mz.123-1a       12.3(1a)       N/A
12.2ZL             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       16       N/A             12.2(15)ZL1
c1700-y-mz.122-15.ZL1       12.2(15)ZL1       N/A
12.2ZH             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       16       N/A             12.2(13)ZH3
c1700-y-mz.122-13.ZH3       12.2(13)ZH3       N/A
12.2ZF             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(13)ZF2
c1700-y-mz.122-13.ZF2       12.2(13)ZF2       N/A
12.2YV             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(11)YV
c1700-y-mz.122-11.YV       12.2(11)YV       N/A
12.2YU             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(11)YU
c1700-y-mz.122-11.YU       12.2(11)YU       N/A
12.2YN             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(8)YN
c1700-y-mz.122-8.YN       12.2(8)YN       N/A
12.2YM             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(8)YM
c1700-y-mz.122-8.YM       12.2(8)YM       N/A
12.2YL             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(8)YL
c1700-y-mz.122-8.YL       12.2(8)YL       N/A
12.2YJ             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(8)YJ
c1700-y-mz.122-8.YJ       12.2(8)YJ       N/A
12.2YH             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(4)YH
c1700-y-mz.122-4.YH       12.2(4)YH       N/A
12.2YB             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(4)YB
c1700-y-mz.122-4.YB       12.2(4)YB       N/A
12.2YA             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(4)YA6
c1700-y-mz.122-4.YA6       12.2(4)YA6       N/A
12.2XQ             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(2)XQ1
c1700-y-mz.122-2.XQ1       12.2(2)XQ1       N/A
12.2XM             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(4)XM4
c1700-y-mz.122-4.XM4       12.2(4)XM4       N/A
12.2XL             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(4)XL5
c1700-y-mz.122-4.XL5       12.2(4)XL5       N/A
12.2XK             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             24       8       N/A             12.2(2)XK3
c1700-y-mz.122-2.XK3       12.2(2)XK3       N/A
12.2XJ             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(2)XJ
c1700-y-mz.122-2.XJ       12.2(2)XJ       N/A
12.2T             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             32       8       N/A             12.2(15)T13
c1700-y-mz.122-15.T13       12.2(4)T7       N/A
12.1YB             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             24       4       N/A             12.1(5)YB5
c1700-y-mz.121-5.YB5       12.1(5)YB5       N/A
12.1XT             Early Deployment       View             View       
      View             16       4       N/A             12.1(3)XT2
c1700-y-mz.121-3.XT2       12.1(3)XT2       N/A

Author Comment

ID: 11690818
I obtained c1700-bk8no3r2sy-mz.122-17d.bin and tried to install it, with limited success.  I don't see that in the list you've provided, yet it has the -y-mz feature set. ??

The router complained that the file was too large, and then seemed to start up with a subset of it.
There, too, it complained that the card was unknown:
%PQUICC-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: PQUICC(0), WIC card has an unknown ID of 0x39

Here's the complaint about the size of the file image I had:
%SYS-3-IMAGE_TOO_BIG: 'flash:c1700-bk8no3r2sy-mz.122-17d.bin' is too large for available memory (2993668 bytes).boot of "c1700-bk8no3r2sy-mz.122-17d.bin" using boot helper "flash:c1700-bk8no3r2sy-mz.122-17d.bin" failed
error returned: File read failed -- Not enough space
loadprog: error - on file open
boot: cannot load "c1700-bk8no3r2sy-mz.122-17d.bin"

The flash is 8K, and the file was 7K:
System flash directory:
File  Length   Name/status
  1   7056196  c1700-bk8no3r2sy-mz.122-17d.bin  
[7056260 bytes used, 1332348 available, 8388608 total]
8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

Did you use the software/feature tool to get the list?  The web site doesn't seem to want to let me into it, with my low-level registration.  
Do you have an opinion about which version to get?  I'm not playing with any VoIP, and need mostly to route IP, perhaps IPX...

Expert Comment

ID: 11694600
The listing I pulled was for straight IP.  These fall within the flash-8 , mem-32 you have on your router.

I used the software advisor - http://www.cisco.com/kobayashi/support/tac/tools.shtml#software

If you need IPX, the IP/IPX feature set will work.  You just have to pay attention to the memory guidelines.


Author Comment

ID: 11694975
Apparently, without a service contract, it won't let me in to the software advisor.  
And its a used router, so they won't put it on a service contract without the "site visit" requirement...

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