Windows NT or Mixed Mode authentication for MS SQL on a web server using coldfusion?

From what I have read it seems that Windows NT Authentication is the way to go, can anyone confirm this? I have been trying to setup NT auth however im having trouble getting it to work correctly. I have a good understanding of MS SQL but limited knowledge on windows 2000 security side of things. If anyone know of any articles or can give me some pointers specificaly dealing with MS SQL, Windows 2000, IIS and Coldfusion that would be very helpful.
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gexenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At my job, we assign individual passwords for the SQL server.  That way people can login even if they aren't logged in with the exact same username and password on their side.  Windows Authentication is too constrictive for our needs.
Cyber-DudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Great article for you to refer:

rot299Author Commented:
Thanks. I realise now that I will need to use SQL usernames/passwords as different logins will be needed for users depending on what part of my application that are using.
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