how to solve oops message?

 Is there any utility that does allow to debug the oops message that came when i compile a kernel and boot it?
Cuase it is also not capturable.
i want to know what cause the kernel panic interrupt.

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de2ZotjesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Read serial-console.txt in /usr/src/linux???/Documentation
check the documentation in the kernel source tree:


Has links to sites and everything..
pancoderAuthor Commented:

     Is there any good software other thatn ksymoops?
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I really can comment on that, I only briefly looked at ksymoops, and never looked for altenatives ( didn't need to)
oops, typo, the can is offcoure a can't
pancoderAuthor Commented:

Hello de2zotjes,
            how to use it for conditions like this:-
    I have RH9 with its default kernel 2.4.20-8. i downloaded 2.4.24 kernel and make some changes to it and compile and create image from it. i add entry at GRUB to boot that image.
   Then when i boot it i get oops message. now i want to debug it and know which location or statement cause it? ksymoops require
-k /proc/ksyms (default)
     -l /proc/modules (default)
files but how can i give it as i am unable to boot that new image. i am able to boot nrmal statrup kernel.

The text I brought to your attention addresses this problem as well.
As it says you have 3 choices:
1) hand copy the error codes to a file you feed to ksymoops
2) boot with a serial console and capture the error text on a remote machine
3) patch the kernel with a dump hack

Apart from those general tips you are basically on your own, I don't specialize in oops-tracing...
pancoderAuthor Commented:
hello de2Zotjes,
        how to boot with serial console?
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