USer able to send from diffrent domains


I have a client who is running domino 4.6.7 and would like the option for certain users to be able to have multiple email address. Ie. there domain is but they would also like to have so for example a user would be able to select or james to send from. (like you can in outlook) I didnt think this was possible until much version 6.

Does anyone have nay ideas

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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I'm really not interested, no!  DHTML menus are always a mess, especially when you have to support multiple browsers and wish to make them dynamic by combining them with document lookups.
Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Use multiple Location documents, set the Internet mail-address per location, and switch between locations when sending mail from different users. I think this worked in R4 already.
ZvonkoConnect With a Mentor Systems architectCommented:
And also enter both internet domains as aliases in the GlobalDomain document found in servers's naems.nsf view Domains.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
There's send and there's receive: my comment is about sending, Zvonko's about receiving mail.
ukwebfxAuthor Commented:

I dont want to have to create a seperate user on the server,
madheeswarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sjeff and Zvonko,
is this feature available in R4.6?
I thought it is in R5.

U can implement Zvonko's. it is staright answer.

and u need to register users with the newly created domain name. And can forward mails to other mail account.
From Admin help:
Using multiple Internet domain names within one organization  (look for this topic)
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I myself use multiple mail domains to send from, with two Location documents. Each Location document specifies a different sender's address (Internet mail address). I honestly cannot remember if this worked in R4 in a similar way, but I think it did. I must have a backup somewhere...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
And I have only 1 ID. Of course, if you have to set this up for a lot of users, it's going to be a lot of work installing and explaining (time after time).
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Backup found. Set your Mail system in the Location document to "Notes and Internet", then fill in the Internet mail address. Maybe some additional fiddling is required.
I am not sure it is possible in R4.6
But I have done the same in R5. Worked perfectly. they have to register a nw user with the new domain name and change the Internet mail address in person document and locatoin doc.,.;
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Register a user?? I just create another Location document, filled in the Internet mail address, and when I switch to the new location and send a mail, it uses the mailaddress set in the Location document. No additional registering required.
I think you are getting weak since Partha is not here.

U have as domain and when u sent and email to u will recive mail

And when I add additional domain called and sent an email to, I won't receive emails to my mail box If locatoin document uses, the receiver can see and when responded he/she can send email to

But I want to dispay as the sender and when resonded I need it in my second domain mail box. then for this u need to register user. And if the same mail to display in, then forward my mails to

Hope u got my point. And in any case, u have to register user name. this is 100% sure.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Before stating how weak other experts are better double check your assumptions.
The fact that the GlobalDomain documents contains two or more aliases for internet domains allows users to receive email addressed to either of the internet domains.

Of corse has the ISP and the smart relay host to know the addresses of Domino where to route those email domains, but that is the ISP and FireWal administrators job.
The Domino administrator has only to declare the accepting internet domains.
Here are the field lables from GlobalDomain document in the section "Conversions":
Local primary Internet domain:
Alternate Internet domain aliases:;

So you mean there is no need to register a user for secondary domain.
I understand Global Domain document.

Currently u have
Now, u want to send email as

for this purpose, do u want to have registered user name for d2 or not? Ofcourse prior to this, I will update Global Domain document and give alias name.

ukwebfxAuthor Commented:
Here comes the problem i dont see the alternate internet domain aliases. i see:


Basics                  Members      
Domain type:      Global Domain            Notes domains and aliases:      xxx
Global domain name:
      Glob1            Alias separator character:      =
Global domain role:      SMTP MTA                  
Use as default Global Domain (for use with all Internet protocols except HTTP):                        

SMTP Address Conversion                  X.400 Address Conversion      
Outbound mail restriction:      Unrestricted            Outbound mail restriction:      Restrict to global domain
Address format:      Name and Address            Country name:      
Internet domain suffix:            ADMD name:      
Internet address lookup:
   If disabled or no match,      Disabled
      convert as follows:            PRMD name:      
Local part formed from:      Common name            Notes domain attribute:      None
Notes domain(s) included:      None                  
Notes domain(s) position:      Right of '@'                  
Notes domain separator:      . - period                  
Address example:      "Jane M. Doe" <>                  

so lost as o where to place the other domain. I tried adding into the Notes domains and aliases: but that did not make any diffrence. mx record setup ok and it hits the server but is then rejected. also added new location docment with new internet address by it still send out as
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Madheeswar, if you had your email-address in your EE-profile, you would by now have had two mails from me, from different mail users, using two different Location documents. Just try it! Remember, I'm only talking about sending mail from Notes to the outside world. Receiving is Zvonko's ballgame.

Sjef :)

PS And I suppose we all miss Partha... :|
yeah. u r correct Sjef. We all miss Partha. that is my context in writing (weak). Because u will answer for entire answer and not for part of it.  And I don't have any bad intentions.

Yes. you are also correct create location doc., one for and another for and definetly u will get different senders email address.

But when the receiver replies back, he will get bounce msg. This is what I am telling about. And Sjef, u never told it is half answer and I thought ur suggesting full.

ukwebfx ,
U need to restart the server.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Madhees, you're correct too, of course. Let me say that I assumed he already had two maildomains running, or one server accepting mail for two domains. I can remember we had the same setup, about 5-6 years ago, and it worked very well. We could also discuss the "half answer": maybe it was half a question??

Bad intentions? Never ever entered my mind! Partha will be back in September I think. Probably with a lot to do and therefore less time for EE. We'll see ;)
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Here a section from this help database:$File/helpadmn.exe

About the Global Domain document

A global domain is a means of grouping a number of Notes domains, such as  Sales1, Sales2, and Marketing, under a single Internet domain--for example, an Internet domain with the suffix All outbound SMTP mail, whether it originates from the Sales1 or Marketing domains, will have a return address defined by the Internet domain suffix--that is, When communicating externally over a global communications network such as the Internet, most organizations wish to be treated as a single Internet domain.
Under certain circumstances, a multi-national organization--for example, one with divisions in the United States and the United Kingdom--may wish to be treated as separate Internet domains. This organization may have Internet domains with the suffixes (for the US) and (for the UK).  For this scenario, you define two Notes global domains. Each global domain may contain a unique or overlapping set of Notes domains.
Note  One MTA can only represent one Global Domain. If you configure more that one Global Domain you will need more than one MTA. You will also need to configure Notes Mail Routing so that the correct messages go to the correct MTA.
The Global Domain document enables you to specify and configure the following:
Conventions for converting Notes mail addresses into Internet addresses (for outbound mail) and Internet addresses into Notes addresses (for inbound mail)  
Internet domain suffixes for which you will receive inbound SMTP mail--for example,,, and so on.
Because the SMTP/MIME MTA does not use the global domain name in mail addresses, you may select any arbitrary name for the global domain document.

So my assumption is that you can enter both interent domain suffixes separated by coma or semicolon.
Into this firld:
Internet domain suffix:     *; *

Zvonko, your assumption is correct.  You can enter multiple domain aliases in the global domain document, which allows you to receive on all those domains.  AS long as the user name part isn't going to change ( and -- not and, that is all you have to do to receive mail at both addresses.

Sending, as Sjef explained, is all about Locations.  In R5 and R6, you will runinto a problem with that because of the Dyanmic Configuration protocol on teh client, but I don't think that was present in R4.
Zvonko/Sjef and Qwaletee,
Thanks for clarifications.
have a nice day.

And I had posted a question on drop down menus. Are you guys really not interested?

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