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I recently bought a new HP PSC 1300 ALL-IN-ONE, and it worked great for the first few months.. But now i get an error, The hardware is now re detected, and after installing, It says Rpc Server Unavaible. I have located the problem of this being the Print Spooler.. It is set on automatic on the Services.msc, yet it is not started.. So i click start this service, and i get the following error :

Could Not start the Print Spooler service on local computer.
Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.

So thats why im getting the error with my printer, The spooler wont start. Have you got any ideas how i can fix this? I have tryed Reinstalling the all-in-one but once again it just says Rpc Server is unavaliable... I have also checked drivers ect.. Please any help?

~ Thanks
~ UnrealKez

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jonoakleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry I was called away for a bit
Windows XP Service Pack can be downloaded here


Download then log on as administrator and run the EXE
What is your OS? Reinstall your current service pack. It should replace the corrupted spooler.
UnrealKezAuthor Commented:
My OS is Win XP Home, how do i reinstall my service pack if i have to?
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UnrealKezAuthor Commented:
Anyone..? Im still Printerless... Ive higherd the points if thatl get people to help.. i need this fixing by this week =/
UnrealKezAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alot! All fixed now.
Either you found the site on your own or that was a heck of a download
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