How to end a process on task manager

How do i end a process on the task mangager.
I tried to stop it but it says opeartion failed.
The process is Called "tmsrv.exe" and is using 99% since the server started. It's is slowing down the server( which is DB) and nobody can use it on the network.

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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using windows 2000, thats why msconfig doesn't work. if you are using winxp, thats almost certainly virus activity.

try getting windows startup inspector here ..
it should let you disable that process from startup.

if you are using xp, and msconfig is missing, check for viruses...
Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to bring up the proccesses window...

Right click the process..
Try ending the process, try ending the process tree, and if that doesn't work you could change the priority so that other applications can still run.

If you wanted to prevent it from starting up, click Start -> Run
type msconfig
and remove it from the Startup tab. note: there might be administrative issues with this if you are on a network (i.e. having the correct permissions to load msconfig).

Hope that helps...

Ygal_BenabouAuthor Commented:
I can't end it it says operation failed because of administrative rights, but i'm logged as the admin.
Also i can't change the priority of the process.
By the way the process is "termsrv.exe" i don't know if it can help.

Please i need an anwer.

Thank you guys
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Ygal_BenabouAuthor Commented:
Ms Config will not run, same thing operation failed....
What version of Windows?  Have you tried Safe Mode?  You could try running msconfig in Safe Mode (or manually allowing/disallowing each option) so you can keep this from loading.  

Just another general thought...
Make sure all critical updates are installed..
Internet Explorer - Tools -> Windows Update
and make sure the latest Virus Definitions for your antivirus are installed, just in case it's some sort of bug or virus.

I'm looking into termserv.exe right now...

Sounds like a virus.  

I just read an article on security, hackers tend to hide things using that name.

Here's the content of the slide called Hacker Tricks (2):
"What they do:
-Hide folders
-Make folders “hidden/system”
-Hide under “\System Volume Information”
-Use “invalid” names: \winnt\system32\spool\help\aux\.tmp
-Use plausible names: termserv.exe"

So another option to kill this problem would be to use a bootable CD-ROM (or floppy) that has an antivirus program on it.  Hopefully loading with that will identify and kill the process.  More freeware options are Ad-Aware, HijackThis, Spybot Search & Destroy, and PestPatrol.  

Let us know as things happen...


termsrv.exe is terminal services.

try stopping the service.

also, check this for commands -
Ygal_BenabouAuthor Commented:
I can't stop termsrv.exe
Also i can't acces msconfig, it says cannot find msconfig...
I ran adaware on the server in safe mode. It allowed the server to boot normally and wasn't slow anymore, but the process is still here and i can't stop it..

You can always use Process Explorer to end a process as well.. it's free..
ok the reason you cant find msconfig is becasue that is only in versions of win95,98, and ME

In win2k and xp this file dose not exsist.

what i would reccomend doing is going to the start run menu and typing in regedit

once in regedit highlight the computer on the left half of the window press F3 (also "find" on the top edit menu) type in the name of the file, in your case "termsrv.exe" and when you find the tab/window on the left that says


In the main window on the right you will see a list of items that load on startup Im almost possitive you will find it in there just delete the key and you should be good to go or at least not loading it when the unit starts.
msconfig is definitely in windows xp, and if you are unfamilar with the registry, using a program to make the changes is a much safer procedure.


You have win2000(server may be), msconfig is not available..
tmsrv.exe is from i found out a Sample timecard application.
So did u install that lately, try t remeber what you added to the server lately...?
If you don't know your way out in the registry please don't go there.
msconfig for win2000:
Try it and let us know....

PS: 98-ME-XP all have their versions of msconfig except 2000-2000 server


forgot to mention that when you save the zip file to your desktop, you should save it onto winnt\system32 directory...
just thought i'd point out that tmsrv.exe is actually a Terminal Server Emulator that is part of Windows 2000...although there certainly exists the possibility that there are other applications that use the same name.
tmserv.exe is not terminal services it is part of a sample timecard application.

Here is a replacemtn for msconfig
Startup Control Panel from

It beats the pants off MSCONFIG
I bet you sovle the problem using startip control panel
Yea sorry about that...searched for the wrong .exe
You can go to a xp machine, search for msconfig.exe copy it to a floppy copy it to your machine and run it, done this many times works for me

Good Luck
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
if it is TERMSRV.EXE then it is Terminal Services.  As stated above, you should be able to stop the service, and this will stop the process.  Once this is done, remove Terminal Services as a Windows Component from Add/Remove Programs.  This will probably need a reboot.

if it completely won't die, the 2000 Server Resource Kit tool, KILL.EXE can be handy
usage (in this case):
or you can use the PID aka Process ID (shown in Task Manager, on the Processes tab):
KILL 404
(your PID number will be different!)

you might also want to check why TS is going berzerk - if it's not used, I'd just uninstall it; if it is, use it's management console to check who's connecting, and what they're doing.  Maybe even uninstall, reboot, and reinstall.
I allready saw a msaccess comsuming 50% of the cpu on a session that was allready disconnected....the solution was to reboot the server.  
snag a program called prcview, it works great at killing applications....effectiveness ranks up there with xkill on linux boxes...
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