accessing linux machine through a windows machine

Hi. Thanks in advance for your help.

I currently have a windows xp machine and a Linux machine. Because I am using aol, I am having a hard time connecting the linux box to the web. Is there anyway I can remote control my linux through my windows box, and download files from the web that way?
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.
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ryanhuntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I were you, I'd first of all enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in Windows - that is assuming if the AOL connection allows to do so.
If you are unable to do this, I'd download some free software that will do this for (Wingate was the last time I needed to do this, but it may be quite dated these days)

Once you've got that, setup the Linux box to route to the Internet through your Windows Machine. You can set this up various ways, depending on the distro, but if it's redhat check in /etc/sysconfig/network. Or set it with the command 'route' and make sure taht you have your /etc/resolv.conf file set up properlly (it contains DNS servers so you can use the Internet without remember IPs)

Once you've got the Linux box on the Internet, my suggestion to you to connect remotely is to do one of two things.

1) If you just want terminal (console/text/dos prompt whatever you want to call it) access, ssh is perfect. PuTTY is the best IMHO ssh client available for windows. Do a search on google for PuTTY and it shoudl be the first hit.

2) Setup X (X Windows) on the Windows machine, and have the Linux box use that for X. The idea to get this working is to download a Xserver for windows - the one I used to do this back in 2000 was 'X-Win32' which was free for Educational use. I'd paste a link, but google doesn't want to load for me. There are plenty of these available, but unfortunately most are payware. Once you've setup your Window Manager on the linux box (I.e set it up for X locally) you just need to change your xinit script to set the DISPLAY variable to the IP address of your windows machine and ensure that the X server in windows is running.

Step 2 is a little more tricky, but is better in the long run. Alternatively, if you just want to play with Lnux and learn, it may be woorth getting a copy of VMWare and just running Linux in a virtual machine.

I hope this helps somewhat!

pablouruguayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you can manage all your linux box with VNC  you can download from here

and if you google you can find many tutorials to install it in both boxes.

here you have a nice tutorial

troopernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VNC is one option, SSH is another option.
I prefer SSH, though it's not graphical.
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yep have a another graphical client and server name cygwin

i prefer ssh too for the security but you need to have a knowledge of console linux.

for text only

lynx > web browser
ftp> ftp browser
mutt or pine > base mail text
If you aren't worried about getting the full Graphical desktop (which is what VNC will do for you), don't want to really set anything up (software wise) and are just trying to move files around.. you might look at SSH/SCP.  Nothing really "extra" to setup as most, if not all, Linux Distro's have both installed and running by default, and for your XP just download:

Putty and PSCP.  Both are single .exe's with no install process.  Putty will log you into your Linux Box, (securely), and operate similar to Telnet.. It looks like a DOS CMD Prompt... PSCP will let you copy files from the Windows to Linux much like FTP.
tztrhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

download it, install on linux box and then connect to http://ipofyourlinuxbox:10000 from Internet Explorer, it will ask you for root password and when you log in you can do everything.
with webmin you can do "Anything" ??? i dont think so. how to download files in the linux box with webmin? how to browse webpages with webmin?

you can download files on your win box and copy it to your linux box over LAN, and then you can start install from webmin.
why would you browse webpages from webmin? why would someone want to sit at his win box login to another linux box and then browse webpages using linux box?
> I can remote control my linux through my windows box, and download files from the web that way?

sorry webpages are the incorrect word.

but how download files with webmin???

Take control with VNC
Manage and setup with WEBMIN

both of them are the "package" solution  :)
frogpadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help.
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