installing windows 2000 server on a compaq nx9110

i have a compaq nx9110 which was initially installed with winXP. i have uninstalled winXP and install tried to install windows server 2000. The installation comes to the windows bootup screen and goes to 1/2 way on the loading bar then just hangs there.

Please help me solve this issue if you ever had a similar problem. My client needs the laptop like yesterday....
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Mike R.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Compaq, Dell and others often use a proprietary hard drive scheme where they install an itty bitty partition at the start of the drive for use by the BIOS.  Creates all sorts of havoc with a clean install from a different disk.  Sometimes doing a full format of the disk does not resolve the issue.  Check Compaq online install instructs to determine if this is the case.

You can also try cheating by...

1. Leaving the XP install on the drive...reinstall XP using the recovery disk.
2. Install a scratch version of Windows2000S in a different dir on the system.
3. Modify the boot.ini to boot from the new Windows2000S.
4. Delete the XP install (and anything else you don't want.)

BoL, M
Depends on which loading bar you are referring to.? If you are speaking of initialization of drivers for server 2000 it is probably just a driver problem. I have seen windows 2000 server lock up or hang on installations many times because of BAD memory.  I have not delt directly with the compaq you speak of, but mabye some more details would help me out.
Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
inadequate info.
please provide more info.
did u format the drive  before reinstalling the win server 2000???
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sounds like it may be a propotiorie hardware issue i had a HP laptop with ME on it once and no matter what i tried i couldnt get Win2k on it so i called HP turns out the hardware is designed solely around the OS and the hardware works with it and using another OS other than HP's ME version wouldnt work. so try callin HP/compaq and find out if the hardware is compatable and you night actully find out that some has tried this too and has a fix for ie bios flash bad hardware conflict etc.
Compaq NX9110 won't let u install Windows 2000. Please call the toll free number for detailed information. It supports only Windows XP.
question is not formed correctly
but maybe it is ACPI incompatibility

during windows 2000 setup, after the "Inspecting your computer's hardware ...." , on the first setup screen when Third party SCSI drivers asked press F5 and you will get prompt to choose whic architecture are you running, then choose Standard PC instead of ACPI
Boot Win2000 in VGA mode and download the correct drivers for that card and Win2000, installl, reboot!

I have the same problem trying to install Win2000 Pro (SP4).
I agree it is a driver problem, but can't find a way around it (yet).
1.  I reformatted the drive before starting
2.  Booting to VGA mode hangs as well
3.  the drivers are 8 MB in size and the setup.exe will not extract the files to load them as system drivers during setup (F6)
Installing using F5 and choosing standard PC allowed it to run in VGA mode.
I could then get on the LAN and install the new drivers...

good call devi_ge

I've just had exactly this same problem and the cause seems to be the Hyperthreading of >= 3gHz processors and the fact win 2k does not seem to support APM for multi processor machines which perhaps they assume are desktops.

The solution is to press F6 when it suggests pressing F5 in the ver fist blue screen of the install but you have to get by without standby. In the end I succumbed to XP which supports the machine fine and you can almopst turn it back into Win2k!

My problems are ongoing.  I have windows 2000 running, but the DVD/CD burner and the power management are not working.  Every driver off their website has been installed.  I have been working with HP channel support, but the bottom line is Win2000 is not supported (contrary to their website).  They believe the burner should work and cannot replicate my problem, but they have the same issue with with the power management and are yet to resolve it.  I will post if/when they fix it.
Finally sorted this one out.. Flash the most recent BIOS v3.0 and Win2k installs and works fine showing the two hyper CPUs. BTW when installing Win2k backup c:\ntldr and c:\ as only the XP versions will boot both OS's.

Best of Luck

John H.
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