Outlook - slow receipt of email

I've got one user who says she's not receiving emails when they're sent. She seems to get them in clumps, sometimes hours after they were sent. I've gone through the local Outlook settings and don't see anything unusual, her settings for send/receive look the same as everyone else's.

Anyone got a suggestion what I can look at? Is this a setting on the server?
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Since hullc solved with a reinstall, you could try

outlook /cleanprofile

(either run from command line, or just add the tag in their shortcut)
That removes invalid profile keys and recreates default registry keys where applicable.

If that doesn't fix it, try launching with /safe and see if it makes a difference.
(for info on commandline params for ol, see http://www.outlook-tips.net/howto/commandlines.htm)
What version of outlook does she has ?

Is she receive email using POP3 or IMAP or Exchange ?

Try doing the following in order to see if that would help

a)Open outlook .Go to help menu and click "Detect and repair".

b) Repair PST : http://www.slipstick.com/problems/scanpst.htm

c)Also take a backup of all emails and go to control panel ---> mail --> delete the profile and recreate one again.

d) Recreate the email account (removing it completely and creating one again) to see how that goes

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I have experienced the same thing - my organization uses Exchange Server with Outlook XP on the client.  I have my mail set to auto_receive every 2 minutes, but some days I get the emails in clumps of 5 or 10 (with hour or more gaps between receipt).  

I have never found any rhyme or reason for this.  Sometimes, physically clicking "Send/Receive" fixes it.  In speaking to our Hardware/Server techs, they have suggested that it is likely just a bit of a delay between the Exchange Server and my PC caused by Network traffic and load on Exchange.  There's not much to do unfortunately.

- Dan
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Blah. Defeatists.
Use Ctrl-Alt-S to open Send and Receive Groups.
Tick "Schedule an automatic send/recieve every 5 minutes" - or more often if you like.
rosesolutions - believe me - that doesnt help.  I have already described my own issue with it and said: "I have my mail set to auto_receive every 2 minutes" (hence i use automatic send/receive).  You ought to read other people's posts carefully before you post negative comments about others.
hullc65203Author Commented:
She's using Outlook 2000. Set to immediate send/receive.
Sorry if you thought I was being rude, flow - I realised you were trying the setting. Wasn't sure if hullc had tried it. I know that this setting is suppoed to resolve the issue, but have heard before of people who said it worked, and then when they introduced a particular new router to their environment, it stopped working. I don't know any more details that would allow figuring out which one, or what to do about it, though.


I assume you are using Outlook in corporate mode.
I suspect you are using a PST file as the receipt location. The default behaviour in this configuration is as you describe. You only automatically see new incoming stuff when you are directly connected to the exchange store - hence the existence of the automatic send/receive. Can you swap to a direct connection and see how that goes?
hullc65203Author Commented:
We're running in a corporate environment, with direct authentication. I did some poking around today and here's what I found:

With the user logged in to the Exchange server, I sent her an email from my machine. After several minutes it still had not been delivered to her. After doing this several times I noticed a pattern: the new email only pops up in the inbox if I moved the focus from whichever email it was on to another email.

I deleted and recreated the user profile. It still will only show the new email if I move the focus.
hullc65203Author Commented:
Just to check, I created a profile for the user on a clean machine. Her email is delivered instantly.

I don't know the exact cause, but I re-installed Windows and it's working now.

Sorry to drag this demon up from the dead, but I'm currently having the same problem on my system....besides reinstalling the O/S...is there any cure?  Thanks...

Also, make sure that the built in firewall in Windows XP is turned off.  The "new mail" notification is a "push" operation from the Exchange server, so if you're staying in the same view in Outlook and you want those updates, you need to make sure your PC is allowing them through.  If it only updates when you change focus in Outlook (click on a new email or folder), that starts a "pull" operation and you can now see the new emails.

Make sense?
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