Linksys BEFSR81 Router with ADSL Possible?


I have a Linksys BEFSR81 router and am planning on using it with BT Yahoo (ADSL) I read somewhere that it isn't possible to simply connect the ADSL connection and share it on the network via the WAN uplink port.  Is this true?  I thought this was a Cable/xDSL router.

Can I buy an ADSL modem and then connect the modem the WAN uplink or;
do i need to setup a gateway and share the connection through that?
Or Could I just use a switch and connect  ADSL --> SWITCH --> ROUTER --> NETWORKED PC's ??


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EricConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Its easy to add an additional swith to the integrated 4 port switch.  Dont confuse routers with switches.  The unit is a router, it routes public traffic to your private network, a switch ties together objects on the same physical network... IE PC's, printers, servers...

You will just need to plug a cable to your router switch to the uplink port of the second switch.  Worst case if there is not uplink use a cross over cable
Hi Simonss,
The BEFSR81 is a Cable/DSL router so will work with a DHCP cable connection, Static IP, or PPOE.

ADSL is different and you will need a specific ADSL router.
EricIT ManagerCommented:
Do not know specifics on that router, however,

-your router would be your gateway
-switch: no point...  use a cross over cable worst case senerio.

maybe yahoo does not supply a eithernet enabled modem???
 Or is it only usb or something????  Thats the only reason I can think of if your router supports PPOE
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SimonssAuthor Commented:
Decided not to go with BT Yahoo, going with a company called BullDog now, anyway.

From what Linksys Support tell me All I need is an ADSL modem with Ethernet connection rather than USB. WHich makes sense since theres no USB connection on the Router and im not interested in having the connection shared through one pc.

How easy is it to connect a ADSL Modem with Integrated 4 Port Router to another 8 Port Router, Do i have to make sure that the ADSL modem/router has an uplink port?
grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't get just ADSL modems with an ethernet connection in the UK. Linksys support are telling you a load of rubbish probably because they dont make an ADSL product.
Just get an ADSL modem/router and use that inplace of your existing modem and Linksys device. You could attach the linksys to the adsl router but it is a bit pointless since the adsl router will do everything the Linksys does.

One of these adsl routers would be suitable for example:-
EricIT ManagerCommented:
I installed ADSL modems with eithernet in US.  How do you know he is in the UK?  by iSP?
Yes by the reference to 'BT YAHOO' in the original post. BT is British Telecom.
Broadband in the UK is split between ADSL which uses BT's telephone infrastructure together with various ISPs or cable modems through NTL or Telewest.
EricIT ManagerCommented:
ahhh.   mental note, thanks.
SimonssAuthor Commented:
Yes Im in the UK, currently on telewest  with a Cable Modem and my 8 port router.

"You could attach the linksys to the adsl router but it is a bit pointless since the adsl router will do everything the Linksys does."

Main reason for not wanting to get a new 8port ADSL router is cost.  If I can find an old ADSL modem/4port router on ebay then im probably just going to get that.
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