Dual SSL Certificate Configuration of Win2K IIS?

We are in the process of changing our domain name from aa.com to bb.com.

Currently we have 5 web servers (Win2k Server IIS) all with an SSL cert for aa.com. We have purchased a new cert for bb.com.

What I need to happen is that all 5 web servers answer both the aa.com and bb.com SSL queries.

How does IIS need to be configured to allow for DUAL SSL access? Is it a matter of dedicating two IP address to each box then pointing to the correct DNS entry?
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You can't have a site configured to use two different SSL certificates in IIS 5.0+. (It was possible in a kludgey way in IIS 4.0)

The only real way to do this is to set up a second site on a seperate IP address and point it to the same content and configure it to use the second SSL certificate.

It would alo be possible to do this using ISA server by setting up a different certificate on two IP addresses, telling it to forward the traffic as HTTP and pointing both to the same internal site.

Dave Dietz
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